Divergence Between the Stock Market & Retail Sector Yet Another Red Flag

Consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity. As this 11-year comparison of XRT (SPDR S&P Retail ETF) vs, the S&P 500 shows, the stock market & the retail sector historically move in near-perfect unison, with any divergence between the two very rare and a potential warning sign as was the sharp divergence preceding the end of the previous bull market in Oct 2007. XRT vs. SPX March 20th Back in 2007, XRT peaked about 4.5 months before the S&P 500, with pronounced divergences between the two preceding the Oct '07 market top. This time around [...]

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Monitoring the Retail Sector

Consumer spending & the retail sector is a key component of the US economy so with all the recent buzz about Black Friday, Cyber Monday & all the other over-hyped reasons that the retail industry has convinced consumers to whip out their credit cards following the Thanksgiving holiday in recent years, I figured that the retail stocks are worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks. I don't pretend to have all the answers or have this whole stock market thing figured out but if I can pass along one thing that I've learned over the years when it comes [...]

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Equity Market Overview 6-13-16 (video)

This video takes a comprehensive look at the diversified U.S. stock indices as well as many key sectors of the U.S. market. These index & sector ETFs are discussed in the following order: SPY, QQQ, IWM, XLF, USO, XLE, XOP, XES, XLV, XBI, IBB, PBE, XRT, XLP, XLU & GDX.

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Weekly Wrap Up for Jan 11, 2016 (video)

Going forward I plan to do a weekly or at least periodic wrap-ups covering any significant market developments, any sectors or trade opportunities that stand out and maybe a quick review of the recently completed trade ideas on the site. This video starts out with a brief summary of the recent performance of US equities followed by the near & intermediate-term outlook, including some near-term support & resistance levels for QQQ, then an overview of a some of the more compelling sectors & wraps up with the recently completed trades (2016). This video runs a bit long (just over 30 minutes) [...]

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