Stock Market Analysis & Long-term Outlook (video)

This video focuses on the long-term outlook for the US equity markets with key technical levels & developments to watch for. The long-term weekly charts of the major US stock indices as well as the largest stocks within the S&P 500 are covered. ?This video runs a bit longer than most but I believe that the key technical levels & potential development to watch for in this video can have a significant impact on both active traders as well as long-term investors. As such, detailed analysis is provided on the major indexes as well as some of the market leading stocks. [...]

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QQQ, SPY, IWM & $VIX Analysis (video)

The near & intermediate-term outlook for the stock market via QQQ (Nasdaq 100 ETF), SPY (S&P 500 ETF), IWM  (Russell 2000 Small Cap ETF) & MDY (Midcap 400 ETF) as well as analysis on the $VIX volatility index. Click the setting icon at the bottom right of the chart if you wish to increase the playback speed of the video to shorten the duration.

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Small & Mid Caps Break Down, Large Caps On Deck

Both the small caps (IWM) have already broken below their primary uptrend lines off the early 2016 lows along with the mid caps (MDY). While both closed at support yesterday, IWM appears to be headed down to at least the 133.50 area with MDY poised to fall to at least the 305.35 area once the support levels just below give way (likely soon). Props to member @irawood for pointing out those trendline breaks in the trading room as I have been largely focused on the large caps lately, particularly the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ). Unlike the small & mid caps, [...]

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