Silver Spot Price (EOD)

Stock Market, Bitcoin, Oil & Gold Analysis (video)

This video starts with the near-term outlook for the US stock market via QQQ, SPY & the index futures followed by coverage of the oil & the energy sector ETFs, Bitcoin futures & GBTC, concluding with an update on the US Dollar via EUR/USD & the US Dollar index along with the precious metals (GLD, SLV, PPLT) & related mining stocks (GDX). ?**playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video**

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Analysis of Gold & Precious Metal Mining Stocks

This video provides technical analysis on the US Dollar & Euro, Gold (GLD), GDX as well as the outlook for some of the individual gold & silver mining stocks. Essentially, the near-term outlook for the precious metals & mining stocks remains unclear at this time as they continue to grind around in a multi-month sideways trading range. I made the video by from a request by [email protected] in the trading room although I also like to do periodic updates on the precious metals sector as one of the more popular swing trading & investing sectors. There aren't any new significant developments [...]

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Stock Market Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Technical analysis providing the near-term outlook & price targets for the US stock market along with several potential trade ideas. The video begins with coverage of the Nasdaq 100 futures (/NQ) and tracking ETF (QQQ), highlighting some key technical levels & price targets followed by coverage of several trade ideas including WEAT, CORN, CANE, WOOD, GBTC, /GXBT (Bitcoin), gold, silver, PPLT (platinum ETF) and the US Dollar via EUR/USD & JPY/USD. </center

Gold, Silver & US Dollar Analysis

Member @up requested an update on gold, silver & the US Dollar along with the key currencies that have the largest impact on the US Dollar index (which in turn, affects the price of gold & silver). My read on the charts hasn't changed much since Wednesday's video as well as these follow-up comments that I posted yesterday in reply to the following inquiry from @zjgolf44: @zjgolf44: Also thanks for your recent gold video. What’s your take on EURUSD’s drop today below it’s lower ascending trend line? (USDJPY’s possible breakout) It doesn’t seem like gold is reacting correctly to todays action [...]

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Gold, Silver, Euro & US Dollar Analysis (video)

This video begins with a brief discussion of the recent surge in volatility within the stock market along with some considerations on how to adapt/trade during periods of elevated market swings followed by technical analysis on gold (GLD), silver (SLV), the Euro & US Dollar.

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