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I’m very thankful for the amount of knowledge you are sharing with us here at RSOTC, I really appreciate it, I can’t thank you enough!!

Gustavo R., Clearwater, FL

I started following your website recently and reading a lot of trade ideas as they are published. Whatever you have been doing is phenomenal and quite an educational effort. Thoroughly enjoying your posts and will start trading as soon as next week. I should mention that the way I look at charts has changed after reading only few articles you have published. Your tip jar deserves at least 5% profits!

Amar, Atlanta, GA

Your site is very organized and educational and I appreciate how you give solid reasons for each trade to a newbie like me. For example, the GDX risk vs reward situation of staying in and enduring too much risk vs exiting the position and keeping profits even though you may lose a few bucks due to momentum was cool. As you know, newbies can get greedy and want the ‘moon shot’ and explanations such as this really help understand how a successful trader thinks. 1 in the hand vs 2 in the bush.

Chris S.

I recently came across your site, Right Side of The Chart. First I must express how thankful I am to you for providing a professional’s insight to investing. It is a breath of fresh air to me and a welcome relief to be able to study proper entry and exit points as well as support points for both long and short trading ideas. I’ve tried other tools such as IBD, Vectorvest and a few others. I feel like what’s been lacking is proper entry/exit points.

Jed S.

I love your site! Thanks for all you do. I was a fundamental investor for the past 15 years or so but the last few has led me to learn the technicals as so much doesn’t make any sense today. I’m struggling with technical analysis overall but the way you put it everything seems easy. I also like your approach in you try to find turning points and I’m very much a contrarian, which may explain difficulty here. Thanks again, your site is awesome!

Mike C., Connecticut

I just wanted to drop a line…And say thanks! I cannot tell you how invaluable your site has become to me. I have been trading for thirteen years and have not run across a site so packed with clear and actionable information. I spend a great deal of time looking for decent setups and sifting through data. Your site is now the first I visit everyday to see what other traders are up to. Again…thanks a million Randy. Keep up the great work!

Jeremy B., Clearwater, FL

As a novice trader, I have learned an incredible amount from your site. The trade setups are actionable and clearly laid out. I really appreciate all the work you have put into the site.

Darren W., Irvine, California

Great work Randy… have to say this is the best damn site I’ve been on… although my trading style is already similar to yours, as I also primarily swing trade off divergences, etc.., among other this,… your clear, concise & easy to understand explanations of your thought process are a pleasure to read and hear on your videos. In the end you have helped my trading and made me $$. Keep up the good work!

member- joefriday, Trading Room

Just a word of appreciation to you for this site and your highly skilled and straightforward manner of listing and tracking your trades. I’ve been trading for 7 years and mostly losing money… and lots of it..embarrassing..but true. Yours is the 1st site, bar none, that I find easily understandable and useful. And I can see that I will actually make some money with your help! Take Care and with great appreciation from a ‘small-time trader’. Thank You.

Ron L., Portland, Oregon

“Hey Randy! Just wanted to write you to say thank you very much for all your hard work. I’m a fairly new trader that started last year and a few months back I found your videos and only recently became a member to the site. You analysis has greatly increased my knowledge of technical analysis and has helped me bag me a fair amount of profits and has paid for the site membership! I would’ve never been as knowledgeable as I am now! I still have lots and lots to learn! I look forward to more time in this great community you built! Thank you, David L**** Jr.”

David L, Jr., gold member

I found RSOTC by chance almost 8 months ago. What struck me about Randy and his videos at that time was how objectively he approached his analyses. There was never any promotional hype but honest to goodness end of the day reviews on market technicals and general direction of the market. As a trader since 1997, I have seen many gurus come and go and with the advent of Youtube, many more “god’s gift to stock markets” have come and gone. As an options trader, I always value strong technical analysis of the general direction of the markets and potential changes in sentiment. I consider (continued)..

Brandon K., gold member

..(continued) myself a fairly well trained trader, however my biggest weakness has always been (from time to time) being too contrarian and fighting the market direction. I joined RSOTC in March and I gladly plunked down the gold membership. The Youtube presentations are unbelievable and the trading ideas and the vibrant dedicated trading room is well worth a look, with some really great traders in the trading room. One thing that struck me about Randy is his calm demeanor, level headed approach to picking out the objective facts within the chart. I had one of the best months in (continued)..

Brandon K., gold member

..(continueda long time since joining RSOTC. I won’t gloat over how much I made, but its a few magnitudes. For me, RSOTC fills the void that always kept me back and suffer big losses. That is, I tend to fight the trend, and not listening to my own objective TA. However, as ill people need a professional doctor, or an athlete a coach, you can consider RSOTC that extra objective set of eyes and objective analysis. The consultative and educational value is unmatched and this site is probably the best hidden secret and a great bargain to boot. Highly recommended!

Brandon K., gold member
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