Semiconductor Sector & ETF Analysis (video)

This video provides analysis of the semiconductor sector via $SOXX (PHLX Semiconductor Index) & the 3 major semiconductor ETFs: SOXX, SMH & XSD. Also discussed are the pros & cons of trading the 3x leveraged ETFs, including SOXL & SOXS. The factors affecting the performance of leveraged ETFs when held for extended periods of time, which are often detrimental but can be very advantageous at times, apply not only to SOXS & SOXL but all leveraged ETFs in general. Price targets & trade entry points & key developments to watch for are covered as well.

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Semiconductor Sector Analysis: Let’s Keep It Simple

Most traders & investors are aware that the technology sector has by far & wide led the US stock market to the recent highs and that within the tech sector, the semiconductors have lead the way. The semiconductor sector also tends to act as the canary in the coal mine for the health of the tech sector for obvious reasons. For example, the semiconductor sector topped back on June 1, 2015 with both the technology sector (XLK) and the Nasdaq Composite continuing to rally for another 1.6 months until peaking in mid-July. That top was followed by the most largest drop [...]

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Semiconductor Sector & Trade Ideas Update (video)

By request, an update on the semiconductor sector including the recent semiconductor related trade ideas, both those still active as well as those that were recently stopped out. Discussed in the following order are: $SOXX (PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index), SMH (semiconductor ETF), AVGO, AMAT, UEIC, CDNS, NANO, NVDA & DLB.

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