SOXX, Semiconductor & QQQ Update

SOXX (semiconductor sector ETF) continues to exhibit relative weakness by underperforming the broad market trading mostly flat now after fading over 100% of a nearly 1% rally shortly after the open today . Watching for a break below minor support around 167.70 for a possible catalyst for another leg down to test last week's lows.. [...]

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Stock Market, Semiconductor & Energy Sector Analysis (video)

Technical analysis on the stock market via QQQ along with SOXX (semiconductor ETF) followed by the outlook for the energy sector via crude oil & natural gas. Several trade ideas on indivudial stocks & ETFs are included at the end of the video. Note: Playback speed can be increased in the video settings to reduce [...]

SOXX Targets Hit, Bounce Likely

SOXX (PHLX SOX Semiconductor Sector ETF) is now approaching the bottom of the price channel, which was my first target on the daily time frame as covered in the November 27th Semiconductor Sector Analysis video. The odds for a reaction on the initial tag of that trendline, which comes in around 163.35ish, are good but [...]

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