DPZ Stopped Out for a 4.5% Loss

DPZ (Dominos Pizza Inc) exceeded the suggested stop of any move above 189.35 for a 4.5% loss with the stock making what is likely to be one final thrust higher to put in another divergent high. While this trade will be moved to the Completed Trade category, it may be added back as another swing short trade soon as the price targets are still likely to be hit over the next year or so. Original & updated daily charts: For those giving this trade a little more room or those that might have shorted when the backtest of the [...]

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DPZ Trade Update

I'm blocking off some time today to review & update the current trade ideas on the site. As there might be quite a few updates posted today, email notifications will only be sent out on time sensitive trade updates with an email notification going out once all the trades in need of an update have been posted. DPZ was added as a Active Short Trade on April 7th on a breakdown below its primary uptrend line after putting in a divergent high. Following a recent backtest of the uptrend line from below, DPZ is trading back about where it broke down [...]

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Updated Trade Ideas

In cleaning up the Active Trades list over the last couple of days, the following short trades have been moved to the Completed Trades category: FCH- Hit the first target for a quick 7.7% gain in late June before moving above the key downtrend line on the previously posted charts. DLTR- Hit the first target for a relatively quick 15.6% gain and continued lower but then moved higher before reaching the 2nd target. DPZ- Stopped out for a loss as per the previously suggested criteria. LUV- Stopped out for a loss as per the previously suggested criteria. Note:  All the Active [...]

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Attractive Short Entries

I'm balancing working through some of the programming issues on the site today with trying to post some of the short-side trade ideas that look to be currently offering an objective entry or add-on.  In fact, I have an unusually large amount of very attractive short candidates on my watch-list and with today's large gap having been faded as expected, the bearish scenario is alive and well. As I'm trying to juggle my own trading with the programming issues and posting actionable trade ideas, I'll just share some of the more attractive looking short trades at this time.  These are all [...]

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DPZ Short Setup

DPZ will trigger a short entry on a break below this extended price channel.  Please note that the targets have been adjusted since this setup was last posted as the stock has continued to climb higher within the price channel, yet to trigger a breakdown.  However, we now have solid divergences in place as the stock recent put in a new high.  Although not shown here, there is also significant negative divergences in place on the weekly RSI, MACD, & PPO as well, which could provide the impetus for a longer-term swing short in DPZ once prices break below the daily [...]

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