Agricultural Sector Trade Ideas (video)

The following video details the charts of numerous trade ideas in the Agricultural & Agribusiness sector, including MOO (Agribusiness ETF). While the majority of these trade setups are bullish, there are a few bearish setups as well. Entry levels, price targets & suggested stops are listed for many of these trade ideas & members can [...]

Broad indices & sectors video

I'm seeing a mixed bag of bullish and bearish charts when viewing the broad markets and key sectors from a longer-term perspective.  For now, my longer-term bias remains bearish but I did want to point out some of the recent bullish technical developments as well as some of more bearish charts as well. I put [...]

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MOO update

MOO was covered in part 1 of the trade ideas video posted on sunday as a possible IHS pattern.  today it has broken above what i had discussed as a possible alternative neckline.  if you want to here the notes on the trade, click here to view the video.  MOO is discussed towards the end, [...]

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