KR Final Price Target Hit for 30% Profit

KR (The Kroger Company) hit a high of 24.40 yesterday, 4 cents shy of T1 & gapped up to open at 27.32 today, where any standing GTC sell limit orders at 24.44 would have been filled. This provides a 30.3% gain from entry, including the 0.125 dividend that will be paid tomorrow to shareholder of record as of Nov 15th. Although I had a potential long-term target at the 28.66 area, KR is now trading at the top of the big June 15th gap which is likely to act as resistance. As such, it would be prudent to book full profits [...]

KR Second Price Target Hit for 8% Profit

The KR (Kroger Co.) Active Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade hit the second price target, T2 at 22.55, on Friday for a 7.6%* gain. T3 remains the final official target at this time with a potential 4th target around the 28.65 level for longer-term traders & investors. Original & updated daily charts: *Kroger went ex-dividend on November 14th for a dividend payment of 0.125 per share, payable on December 1st. As this dividend will be paid to shareholders of record on November 15th even if they sold when T2 was hit on Friday, that amount was added [...]

XLP Consumer Staples Sector Breakdown

XLP (consumer staples ETF) had a very impulsive gap & breakdown today. Several key staples companies such a WMT, COST, WBA, CVS & to a lesser extent (weighting-wise but not percentage loss), KR mentioned in the trading room earlier all down big so far today. XLP daily June 16th At a weighting of 9.4%, XLP is one of the largest sectors in the S&P 500 & highlighted recently in the S&500 Sector Analysis update posted on Wednesday. I've since added a minor trendline (yellow) which could come into play here but even though a reaction is likely soon due [...]

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XRT – Retail Stocks Sell Signal Triggered

As expected, it didn't take long (less than 24 hours since yesterday's post) for the retail stocks to break down.  In addition to the four existing Active Short Trades that are components of XRT (COST, RAD, ORLY & NFLX), four additional retail stocks have been added as new trade setups so far today:  ABG, SSI, BES, & CVS.  (note: Email notifications were not sent on all of these but they can be viewed by visiting the site). XRT Retail ETF breakdown, Jan 9th There are still about a dozen retail stock on my watchlist that have either recently broken [...]

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