KR Second Price Target Hit for 8% Profit

The KR (Kroger Co.) Active Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade hit the second price target, T2 at 22.55, on Friday for a 7.6%* gain. T3 remains the final official target at this time with a potential 4th target around the 28.65 level for longer-term traders & investors. Original & updated daily charts: [...]

XRT – Retail Stocks Sell Signal Triggered

As expected, it didn't take long (less than 24 hours since yesterday's post) for the retail stocks to break down.  In addition to the four existing Active Short Trades that are components of XRT (COST, RAD, ORLY & NFLX), four additional retail stocks have been added as new trade setups so far today:  ABG, SSI, [...]

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