Energy Sector Analysis: Oil, Gas & Solar

This will be the first of several videos covering some of the sectors, industries and commodities that appear to be setting up for objective trading or investing opportunities. This video starts with an overview of XLE (Energy Sector ETF) followed by the outlook for XOP (Oil & Gas Exploration ETF), OIL (Crude Oil ETN), USO [...]

Crude Oil Analysis

My reply to my thoughts on crude oil in the trading room earlier today: Here’s my daily chart of $WTI & 60 minute chart of USO. Crude remains in free-fall after the backtest of the rising wedge of the daily chart on WTI. Only “potential” bullish developments that I see there are the oversold reading [...]

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Wednesday Morning Pre-Market Comments

Nothing new to report since yesterday's pre-market commentary as the major stock indices went exactly nowhere since gapping up to those resistance levels (SPY 214.05 & QQQ 118.00), clinging to those levels like glue throughout the entire trading session yesterday, followed by a very minor dip in after-hours into early pre-market trading today & then [...]

USO Crude Oil Symmetrical Triangle Pattern

USO (crude ETP) is approaching the apex of this symmetrical triangle pattern (60-minute chart) & could break either way. Although USO could reverse off either of the nearby support & resistance levels shown below (10.70 & 9.90), the direction in which this pattern breaks is likely to determine the next near-term trend in crude oil. [...]

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