Shipping Sector Trade Ideas pt. 3 (video)

I continue to see bullish developments in the shipping sector with numerous stocks set up for potentially explosive gains, should the momentum players step in once again. In fact, quite a few of the recently highlighted individual shipping stocks as well as the shipping etf, SEA, have just recently broken above the key breakpoint levels [...]

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Shipping Sector Overview & Trade Setups

This video covers the charts of some of my favorite trade ideas in the shipping sector. As these trades are extremely aggressive coupled with the fact that I like to take a "shotgun" approach by taking small lots scattered among different shipping stocks within the sector in order to diversify, these are only unofficial trade [...]

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Difference Between The Risk-on & The Risk-off Trade

This is what the risk-on trade looks like (my shipping stock watchlist as posted on Friday), the day after highlighting these "King of All Risk-on Trades" as Long Trade Ideas: Shipping stock watchlist March 4th   Followed by a current snapshot of the same watchlist, after highlighting the same stocks as short-candidates yesterday [...]

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Shipping Stocks At or Near Resistance (video)

Many of the shipping stocks that were posted as long trade ideas in the trading room on Thursday have already ripped up 50-200% or more in just a couple of trading session & are now at or approaching key resistance/target levels which could offer a quick pullback trade. Some of my favorites, along with possible [...]

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WLT & NMM stopped out

Actually, WLT & NMM should have been removed a while ago but as I have been focusing my efforts on the short trades for a while now, I have not paid the active long trades much attention lately.  Here are the updated daily charts for those two trades, both of which hit their first profit [...]

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NMM long setup

another shipper.  again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, these stocks can move very fast and get overbought beyond what most traders think is possible.  however, they are also prone to violent reversals, whipsaws and fake-outs.  the reason that i am posting so many shipping setups is that i know of no [...]

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