Analysis of Global Stock Markets (video)

This video provides the intermediate & long-term outlook for global stock markets via various ETFs. Covered the major developed markets as well as EEM (emerging markets) and a few other countries. ? playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration Bottom line: The intermediate to longer-term outlook for nearly all global equity markets appears clearly bearish & at this point, it appears to me that although some global markets are still above trend (with some having already broken down) the upside potential in equities is overshadowed by the downside risk in the coming months.

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EWT (Taiwan) & EEM (Emerging Markets) Breaking Down

I received a price alert yesterday when EWT (Taiwan ETF) gapped below this 2-year uptrend line. As foreign market ETFs, especially Asian markets that trade on the other side of the globe, are prone to gaps & whipsaw signals, I figured I'd wait for a little more downside as confirmation of a breakdown. So far today, EWT is trading down another 0.5% shortly after the open of the US markets today. Horizontal lines mark potential price targets but with the trend indicators still bullish, I'm only passing this along as an unofficial trade at this time. EWT daily Dec 1st [...]

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Global ETF Overview

Some daily & weekly charts of the following global etf's:  EEM (Emerging Markets), EWJ (Japan), IFN (the India Fund), & EWL (Switzerland).  Click on first chart image to expand, then click anywhere toward the right of the chart to advance to the next expanded chart image.

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