Stock Market, Sector & Commodity Analysis (video)

This video highlights some of the potential swing trading opportunities that stand out at this time. Covered in the following order are: Crude oil & the energy sector via /CL (crude futures), XLE & XOP gold & the US dollar via /GC (gold futures) & the EUR/USD forex pair various agricultural commodities via /ZW (wheat [...]

Highlighted Trade Ideas for Oct 3, 2017

This video covers the near-term outlook for some potential swing trading opportunities at this time with analysis on various stocks, ETNs, commodities and futures contracts. Covered in the following order is the outlook for: The precious metals & mining sector via the charts of /GC (gold futures), EUR/USD (euro-US Dollar pair) & GDX; Crude oil [...]

Lots of Insignificant “Noise” in the Markets Today

Lots of decent reversals today: - XOP recovered from nearly a 2% loss earlier with the ETF climbing out of that hole & just going green for the day. - As @schooner mentioned in the trading room, decent reversals in the broad markets. - Semis once gain tested & bounced off the primary uptrend lines. [...]

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