Trade Ideas & Sector Analysis (video)

This video covers trade ideas across various asset classes including commodities (oil, lumber & agricultural commodities), energy sector ETF (XLE & XOP), bonds (treasuries & corporate bonds), REITs (SPG & KIM), Bitcoin & an update on the NFLX swing trade. playback speed can be increased in the setting to reduce [...]

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Weekly Stock Market Wrap & Outlook (video)

A comprehensive overview of the US stock market via QQQ, SPY & the sectors that comprise the S&P 500 index. There were a lot of significant technical developments this week as well some important technical levels & potential developments to watch for next week covered below. As such, this video [...]

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SPG On Watch For A Breakout

SPG (Simon Property Group) has recently put in a divergent low following a 34% "death to all-things retail a la Amazon" bear market, as SPG is the world's largest shopping mall REIT. Retail companies & the shopping mall REITs have certainly felt the pain from the shift towards online retailers [...]

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Short Trade Ideas Updated

The following trade ideas will be removed from the Active Short Trade ideas category over to the Completed Trades (Short) category. EA: This one was suggested to only short a partial (1/2) position with the criteria for the second lot never triggered. The stock went on to exceed the suggested [...]

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Shorting SPG

SPG daily April 30th SPG (Simon Property Group), the king of REITs, offers an objective short entry here on the break below the yellow uptrend line. First target would be the support zone, followed by the white, secondary uptrend line. SPG is the largest holding in IYR (iShares [...]

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financial sector bear-flags

when i look at XLF (financial sector etf) and it's components, i see tons of bear flags and bearish pennants on the daily to 60 minute frames.  here's some 4 hour charts and several XLF components.  i'm aware that the last few days have had an underlying bullish tone, with [...]

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