Unofficial trade ideas are trade ideas that may or may not list specific stops & exact price targets and may or may not be followed up with. Unofficial trade ideas will only be moved to the Active and Completed Trade categories if they are first published as being recategorized as an official trade idea.

Lumber Futures & Timber Sector Analysis

Lumber futures (/LB) look to be headed back down to the 540 & 531.50 levels in the coming days to weeks as indicated on this 60-minute chart below. LB 60-min April 23rd Looking at the bigger picture via this daily chart of WOOD (Timber & Forestry Index ETF), the timber & forestry sector appears poised for at least a 14% correction off last week's highs & a drop of as much as 22% in the coming weeks to months. I plan to zero in on some price targets for WOOD & will likely add it as an official trade [...]

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QQQ & /NQ Analysis & Price Targets

Nasdaq 100 E-mini futures (/NQ) just kissed the 6660.33 support level, so far bouncing. Should NQ take another thrust down to test or slight undercut of the 6645.60ish support & reverse, it will have put in bullish divergences on this 15-minute time frame, offering an objective long entry for a swing trade with targets around 6705 & 6743. That would be my alternative scenario (white) with my preferred scenario being that the pullback shortly after the open will be the low for the day & possibly the week with the $NDX rallying from there (orange). My comparable price target on QQQ [...]

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GBTC & Bitcoin Futures Targets Hit, Pullback Likely

/GXBT (Bitcoin Futures) are approaching the 9082 resistance level with negative divergences in place on this 60-min time frame which increases the odds of a pullback soon while GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust), both unofficial trade ideas, has gapped about my 15.00 price target, trading as high as 15.50 shortly after the open today & at 15.43 at this time. GXBT 60-min April 23rd click to expand image, then use scroll-wheel or touchpad to pan & zoom or pinch-zoom on mobile My expectation is for a relatively minor pullback to about the 8600 to 8450 level on /GXBT which may [...]

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QQQ Poised to Reverse & Rally Into the Close

QQQ looks primed for a nice rally in the final 30 minutes of trading today with an objective long entry here with a stop somewhat below for a potential day trading opp for aggressive/active traders. The 60-min PPO signal line (an intermediate-term trend indicator) is still bullish, testing the zero level now while QQQ falls to the key 161.66ish support level & /NQ (Nasdaq 100 Emini futures) also fall to key support. Unofficial trade idea only. Another options is a hybrid swing/day trade where a day trade (over-sized) position is taken here, closing the bulk out before the close, [...]

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Bitcoin Futures On Watch for Breakout

/GXBT (Bitcoin futures) are close to testing the aforementioned 8370-ish resistance level which could spark the next rally if taken out when trading resumes on Sunday evening or sometime next week. My next price target remains 9082 which would account for a rally of about another 8% or so if hit. 60-minute chart below: GXBT 60-min April 19th

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