Unofficial trade ideas are trade ideas that may or may not list specific stops & exact price targets and may or may not be followed up with. Unofficial trade ideas will only be moved to the Active and Completed Trade categories if they are first published as being recategorized as an official trade idea.

RKDA Trade Idea Up 232% Since Thursday’s Breakout

The RKDA (Arcadia Biosciences) trade idea covered in last week's Swing Trade Ideas video blew by T3 like it wasn't even there today with the stock now up 232% since the trendline breakout just 2 trading sessions ago. RKDA is now trading just above the 17.11 resistance level where a reaction is likely with the strong momentum most likely briefly causing the stock to overshoot that level. Should the stock manage to close above 17.11 or continue to rally above it today, the next & most likely final resistance level before a meaningful correction in the stock would be the 22 [...]

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RKDA Trade Idea Explodes Over 80% Today

The RKDA (Arcadia Biosciences Inc) trade idea that was posted recently in the trading room as well as covered in Wednesday's Swing Trade Ideas video along with another follow-up post earlier today while testing the 6.58 resistance level, has exploded following the breakout above that key resistance level which came on the heels of yesterday's breakout & close above the primary downtrend line. One had to either be already positioned long or have been quick to enter or add-on to an existing position taken on yesterday's trendline breakout following today's break above 6.58 as RKDA exploded & never looked back, blowing [...]

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The Charts of RKDA & XENE Continue To Firm Up

The technical posture & outlook for both RKDA (Arcadia Biosciences) & XENE (Xenon Pharmaceuticals) continues to firm up since both stocks were most recently highlighted in the Swing Trade Ideas video posted on Wednesday. RKDA has gained about 20% from where it was highlighted (just below the downtrend line) in that video just two days ago with the stock currently flirting with the 6.60ish resistance level. Arcadia went on to make a breakout & solid close above the downtrend line yesterday on above-average volume, which helps to confirm the breakout above the downtrend line & minimize the chances that the breakout will [...]

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Swing Trade Ideas for March 7, 2018 (video)

Technical analysis on some of the swing trading ideas that stand out at this time including both official & unofficial trades on Right Side Of The Chart. The following trade ideas are (roughly) covered in this order: SPY, SOXX, UGAZ, XENE, RKDA, TNDM, RDUS, AOBC, MJ & cannabis stocks (update, not a trade idea at this time), IEF, TLT, XLE, ENDP, OMI, PTX, M & OREX. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

Technical Analysis on Commodity ETNs (video)

A comprehensive video covering the outlook for numerous hard & soft commodities via 20 commodity ETNs & ETFs, including both hard & soft commodities along with various agricultural commodity ETNs. Due to the unusually large amount of trade ideas covered, this video runs longer than normal. As such, for those looking to skip ahead to the analysis of any particular commodity, the following ETNs/ETFs are covered in this order: NIB (cocoa), CUT (timber), WOOD (timber), UNG (natural gas), BAL (cotton), UGA (gasoline), JJC (copper), USO (crude products), OIL (crude oil), SOYB (soybeans), COW (livestock), DBA (various agricultural commodities), CORN (corn), CANE [...]