Stock Market Analysis for Week Ending 5-25-18 (video)

Technical analysis on the US stock market as well as several market leading stocks to provide both the near-term & longer-term outlook including some potential developments to watch for next week. playback speed can be increased in the setting to reduce video duration

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Stock Market Analysis & Long-term Outlook (video)

This video focuses on the long-term outlook for the US equity markets with key technical levels & developments to watch for. The long-term weekly charts of the major US stock indices as well as the largest stocks within the S&P 500 are covered. ?This video runs a bit longer than most but I believe that the key technical levels & potential development to watch for in this video can have a significant impact on both active traders as well as long-term investors. As such, detailed analysis is provided on the major indexes as well as some of the market leading stocks. [...]

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XLF & Financial Sector Analysis (video)

The outlook for the financial sector, including the etf, XLF, using both technical & fundamental analysis. The video starts with an overview of the technical & fundamental outlook for the financial sector followed by the outlook for the following financial institutions: JPM, C, WFC, BAC, V & MA.

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Additional Short Trade Ideas

I spent some time pouring over the charts last night looking for trade ideas.  In doing so, I came up with numerous candidates, both long and short.  Some of these trade ideas are already listed as Active Trades on the site and/or Trade Setups while many are not. I'm going to start with the short trades here & plan to follow up with some of the Long Trade Ideas soon.  Some of these trades are currently offering objective short entries at current levels while others are still setting up in bearish chart patterns, awaiting a formal breakdown or sell trigger.  I [...]

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Short Trades Removed

As I'm now able to focus my efforts on the long overdue process of cleaning up the Trade Ideas category, I am doing so in phases starting with Short Trade Ideas (Setups and Active Trades).  I did a once-over of all the charts and placed one of three symbols next to each trade;  "OK" means those trades still look objective and will be left on as Active Trades for now, to be updated asap.  A "?" means that I need to study the charts in more detail before deciding to leave the trade or setup listed on the site as it [...]

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V short entry or add-on triggered

V was posted as a potential short a while back at the top of this wedge, along with a suggestion of only shorting a 1/2 position while waiting for prices to break below the bottom of the wedge before adding the second lot.  I also pointed out a potential evening star candlestick reversal pattern on Jan 10th, which so far seems to be playing out.  V is now once again offering an objective short entry or add-on to an existing position here as it breaks below this long-term uptrend line.  V, along with it's peer MA, remains one of the more [...]

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V potential evening star reversal pattern

As per the notes on the daily chart of V posted last night (first one below), the price action so far today is setting up for a potential evening star reversal pattern.  Of course, we are only about 1/2 way through the trading session so anything can happen before the close today.  However, since I am occupied with some non-trading issues today, I just wanted to share this in advance for anyone who might choose to act on the pattern if it looks like we're going to get confirmation (a close under 158.18...the mid-point of Tuesday's price range).  "Acting on" this [...]

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