Semiconductor Sector Analysis (part 2)- video

This is the second of two videos covering the semiconductor sector via SOXX, SMH & XSD (semiconductor ETFs). The previous video focused on the long-term outlook for the sector while this video covers the intermediate to near-term outlook, including key support/resistance levels, price targets & recent technical developments. *playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video*

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Semiconductor Sector Analysis (part 1)- video

This is the first of two videos covering the outlook for the semiconductor sector with the long-term outlook and several very significant recent technical developments on the monthly chart of the PHLX Semiconductor Index. Part 2 will cover the daily, weekly & intraday charts to identify key support & resistance levels as well as potential price targets for SOXX, SMH & XSD (3 popular semiconductor ETFs) playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

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Trade Ideas & Stock Market Analysis (video)

This video highlights several trade ideas that may be added as official trades soon but also discusses my preference to "let the dust settle" before opening many new swing trade positions due to the increased volatility & intraday price swings that usually follow a sharp drop in the market. These swift & relatively large intraday rips & dips greatly increase the chance of any well-placed stops loss orders being run, even if the trade goes on to hit the price target shortly afterwards. My near-term scenarios as well as some key technical levels to watch on the broad market are discussed [...]

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More Downside In US Stocks Likely

Thursday's reaction low taken out in SPY & QQQ today, increasing the chances that my price target will be hit (another ~2% downside at minimum as additional target might be added). Also note that the 60-minute trend indicators now bearish on both SPY as well as QQQ. With the Nasdaq 100 poised to fall, the semiconductor sector will most likely provide an even more lucrative shorting opportunity, quite likely falling as much as 9% in the coming weeks by my estimates (charts soon as that might be added as an official trade).

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Stock Market Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Technical analysis of the stock market, crude oil as well as several swing trading opportunities that stand out at this time. The following securities are covered in this order: /CL (crude futures), XOP, XLE, NVDA, SOXX, SMH, XSD, CRUS, QCOM, XLP, XBI, SPY, QQQ, & IWM. Playback speed can be increased in the video settings to reduce the duration of the video. The optimal setting is 1.25x playback speed.

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Semis Approaching Trendline Support

The semiconductor sector is approaching the key primary uptrend line support following the recent divergent high. The sector still looks poised for a significant correction with a sell signal to come on a break & close below these respective trendlines on the following three semiconductor ETFs; SOXX, SMH & XSD. Additional confirmation for a sell signal on the semiconductor sector will come on a breakdown of the largest semiconductor stock, TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.). TSM is currently sitting precariously on its 2+ year, very well-defined primary uptrend line, also following a divergent high/bearish rising wedge formation & will [...]

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