Stock Market & Transportation Sector Analysis (video)

This video highlights some significant developments & divergence between the US stock market & the transportation sector. Both the near-term & intermediate-term outlook for the stock market & the transportation sector are covered in this video. The total run time for the video is 22 minutes however, you have the option to increase the playback [...]

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Airline Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

The outlook for the airline sector, $XAL, as well as the individual stocks within that index, many of which appear to be offering very objective trade setups with above average gain potential. Note: If you click the settings icon (cog/gear icon), you have the option to increase the playback speed of the video (1.25x, 1.5x [...]

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Index & Sector Analysis (video)

This video provides the outlook for various U.S. & non-U.S. indexes as well as numerous sectors & industries. Highlighted are some of the more bullish & bearish sectors at this time as well as well as a concerning development in which I've noted a recent & clear shift, most likely by institutions (i.e.- the 'smart [...]

Sector Analysis, part 1 (video)

With the broad equity markets still grinding around in a sideways trading range for over 3 months now, the best swing & trend trading opportunities have been trading individual stocks and/or sectors with the most bullish or bearish technicals. This video covers some of the sectors that stand out at this time & I plan [...]

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Weekly Wrap Up for Jan 11, 2016 (video)

Going forward I plan to do a weekly or at least periodic wrap-ups covering any significant market developments, any sectors or trade opportunities that stand out and maybe a quick review of the recently completed trade ideas on the site. This video starts out with a brief summary of the recent performance of US equities [...]

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SkyWest Headed South Along With The Airline Sector

Following today's breakdown below this uptrend line, SKYW SkyWest Airlines) is poised to continue its descent along with the rest of the airline sector. Horizontal lines mark potential targets/resistance levels. SKYW daily June 8th As I've already recently added seven airline stocks as Active Short Trade ideas, SKYW won't be added as an [...]

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