Market Wrap for June 12, 2017 (video)

This video provides an overview of the recent price action in several key sectors & indices as well as some key technical levels and developments to watch for going forward. As the broad market has been grinding around in a sideways to slightly higher range in recent months, most of my analysis has been focused on the intraday time frames recently (10-60 minute charts). At those chart patterns have now started to play out with daily trading ranges starting to expand, the focus in this video turns back to the more significant daily time frames while also covering some chart patterns [...]

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XLF & Financial Sector Analysis (video)

The outlook for the financial sector, including the etf, XLF, using both technical & fundamental analysis. The video starts with an overview of the technical & fundamental outlook for the financial sector followed by the outlook for the following financial institutions: JPM, C, WFC, BAC, V & MA.

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XLF, Financial Sector Analysis (video)

An overview of the financial sector etf, XLF, along with the technical outlook for the largest financial stocks. The following securities are discussed in this order: XLF, BRK.B, JPM, WFC, BAC, C, GS, USB, MS & AXP along with key support levels & price targets.

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