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QQQ & FAAMG Stocks Technical Analysis (video)

This video provides technical analysis on QQQ as well as the market leading FAAMG stocks to provide the near-term & intermediate-term outlook for the Nasdaq 100 Index. Near-term price targets as well as key support levels & technical developments to watch for are included as well. playback speed can be increased in the settings (1.25x or 1.5x) to reduce the duration of the video

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QQQ Bounce Targets & Near-term Outlook

QQQ has only slightly (by less than 1%) undercut the 163 support level while falling to the the previous reaction low around 162. The potential divergences on the 15-60 minute charts are still intact although with the PPO pointing lower, QQQ will need to reverse soon or this support level will be taken out & the divergences negated with the indicators making lower lows along with prices. 30-minute chart below: QQQ 30-minute March 23rd Should QQQ reverse soon after this minor undercut of the 163 support level, as I still favor, any of the labeled resistance levels on this [...]

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QQQ & SPY Hit Support Where A Minor Reaction Is Likely

QQQ has now hit the next target/support level highlighted on the recent 60-minute charts where a reaction is likely although I still favor a move down to the 163 area before any meaningful rally. QQQ 60-min March 22nd Not coincidentally, at the same time SPY has hit the next support level recently covered on the 60-min charts & has already started the typical reaction. I believe this reaction will be relatively minor & fleeting with another thrust down to the 264.88ish level before any meaningful bounce. SPY 60-min March 22nd

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Stock Market + FAAMG Analysis & Outlook (video)

Technical analysis of the US stock market via QQQ (Nasdaq 100 tracking ETF)  & SPY (SPY 500 ETF) providing both the near-term & intermediate-term outlook. The outlook for the market-leading FAAMG stocks is also covered. There are some significant technical developments, chart patterns & key levels to watch at this time as the market could be on the verge of another sharp correction. While this video runs longer than most market updates due to the additional coverage of the FAAMG stocks, including potential price targets, probably scenarios, etc., I believe it is worth watching due to the elevated potential for another [...]

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