Stock Market Analysis 4-25-18

This video highlights some key developments on the longer-term charts of the US stock market along with some key levels to watch for. The video provides analysis of SPY & QQQ as well as the 11 sectors that comprise the S&P 500 with some recent bearish technical developments that I missed that could put continued downward pressure on stock prices. For those without the time or inclination to watch the video, essentially many of the sectors that make up the broad market are either testing key support or have already broken below key uptrend line support & were rejected off a [...]

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NDX & SPX Futures Approaching Support

The Nasdaq 100 E-mini futures are approaching support with the bullish divergences still intact for now despite today's selloff. Should NQ break that support with conviction, the divergences & potential for a rally this week will be greatly diminished with a run at the Feb & early April lows likely. I still favor the former (orange) but the odds have increased for the latter scenario (red) with today's failure to hold above the 6648 level. NQ 60-min April 24th click chart to expand, then use scroll-wheel or touchpad to pan & zoom for additional detail The S&P 500 E-mini [...]

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Two More Reasons Why The Stock Market Might Rally This Week

Despite the basically flat (+0.01%) close in the S&P 500 today, the bullish divergences on the /ES 30-minute chart* highlighted in Saturday's 5 Reasons Why The Stock Market Will Likely Rally Next Week post have grown even larger on today's marginal new low, very much keeping the odds for a stock market rally this week favorable. (*incorrectly labeled as a 60-minute chart in Saturday's post) The initial bounce target for /ES (S&P 500 E-mini futures) from the post on Saturday was hit 3 times since they opened trading for the week; twice on Sunday evening & once today, gaining 0.5% from Friday's [...]

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Swing Trade Ideas & Setups (video)

This video begins with an update on the Nasdaq 100 index & the potential stop-raid scenario highlighted earlier today followed by coverage of several trade ideas that stand out in the following order (starting at the 7:49 mark): Crude oil, lumber futures & the timber/forestry sector, Bitcoin via futures & GBTC, the US Dollar via futures & the EUR/USD pair along with a quick discussion of gold & GDX. Starting at the 25:24 mark, all active trade ideas on RSOTC followed by two unoffficial trades are covered in this order: Long Trades: XLP (stoppped out on Friday but still looks good), [...]

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$NDX Stop-raid Scenario May Be In Play

As a follow-up to the Nasdaq 100 E-mini (/NQ) analysis posted earlier today, my primary scenario has been eliminated with my alternative scenario of a brief stop-raid below the 6645 key support level potentially in play at this time. Of course, that would entail the Nasdaq 100 reversing soon to regain the top of the 6645-6660 support/resistance zone with an additional buy signal to come on a bullish crossover on the PPO which would confirm the potential bullish divergences that contiunue to build. 60-minute chart of /NQ below (the chart posted earlier today showed this scenario on a 15-minute chart of [...]

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Stock Market Analysis for 4-23-18 (video)

This video provides technical analysis of the US stock market via SPY, QQQ & IWM covering key support & resistance levels as well as potential developments to watch for. Despite my initial comments at the start of this video regarding coverage of other sectors & trade idea, only the outlook for the major stock indices is covered. I plan to follow up with another video, posted as member-only content, covering some of the sectors & trade ideas that stand out at this time.

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