Stock Market, Precious Metals & Fixed Income Analysis (video)

The near & intermediate-term outlook for the US stock market as well as bonds, agricultural commodities, gold, silver, platinum & the related mining stocks. This video starts with an overview of the US stock market via SPY, QQQ & IWM. At the 15:44 mark, the outlook for gold, silver, platinum & the precious metal mining [...]

Municipal Bombs Exploding

Back on April 6th in the post titled Muni Bombs, I had outlined the scenario in the first weekly chart of MUB (Municipal Bond ETF) posted below, stating that "A break below this uptrend line is likely to bring MUB (iShares S&P National Municipal Bond ETF) down to levels which will have wiped at least [...]

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Bond Market Analysis (video)

This video covers the long-term outlook for the bond market as well as some of the near-term developments as well as the potential implications that they could have on the stock market. This video goes in-depth with an overview & discussion on the various type of fixed-income instruments, such as treasury bonds, municipal bonds as [...]

Bond Correction Likely Underway

As a follow-up to Friday's Bond Market Poised for Correction: Prices Down, Rates Up  post, there are a couple of notable technical developments in the fixed income markets today, such as the backtest in JNK, a sharp drop in treasury prices following the divergent high & the breakdown below trendline support in municipal bonds. [...]

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Bond Market Poised for Correction: Prices Down, Rates Up

The price of bonds is typically inversely correlated to interest rates (i.e. prices up=rates down & vice versa), with the one exception being high-yield, aka junk bonds, which tend to trade more in-line with equities as they are much more impacted by the economic cycle than fluctuations in rates. With that being said, it appears [...]

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Fixed Income Overview

As mentioned early today, I am near-term bullish on most fixed income classes (municipal bonds, treasuries & investment grade corporates) but not so much on high-yield (junk) bonds, which are historically more closely correlated with equity prices than interest rates (most bond classes have a strong inverse correlation with interest rates). Here's a quick [...]

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A Rush For The Exits

The day before Ben Bernanke was scheduled to speak regarding Fed policy, I stated:  " I would not be surprised to hear Bernanke give some indication that he is open to the possibility to beginning to start tapping on the breaks when he speaks tomorrow.  If so, which we all know will have to happen [...]

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