Swing Trade Setups for Jan 5, 2018

This video covers trade setups on the following securities that appear to be setting up as long swing trade & potential trend trading opportunities. Covered in the following order are; GE (General Electric Co.), UGAZ & /NG (3x bullish natural gas ETN & futures), AOBC (American Outdoor Brands Corp FKA Smith & Wesson Holding Co) & CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill).

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Long Trade Ideas Updated

The following video provides a final update to several official Long Swing Trade ideas that have either hit their final price target and/or exceeded their maximum suggested stop. These trades will now be moved to the Completed Trades category where all associated posts will be archived indefinitely for future reference. Typically, an update is posted on each trade once a profit target or the suggested stop is hit. As there were several trades that needed to be removed from the Active Trades category, most of which were already mentioned on the front page or within the trading room as hitting their [...]

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Trade Ideas Update for Sept 13th

Most of my home town of Fort Myers, FL is still without power including my home although I'm now back online with generator power & a (slow) internet connection via tethering off my cell phone. I hope to be fully running with both my power & high-speed internet connection restored soon but don't know exactly when that will be. With most of the damage & debris clean-up now behind us, starting tomorrow I plan to resume posting market analysis & trade ideas on a more regular basis as well as replying to questions & chart requests within the trading room. I've [...]

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CMG Trade Idea & Price Targets

The following notes & charts outline the entry criterion, price targets, suggested stop & beta-adjustment for a swing trade on CMG, Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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Short Trades Updated-Part I

The following Short Trades have been moved to the Completed Trades category as they have either exceeded their suggested stop (or any reasonable stop criteria, if none listed) or they no longer look compelling from a risk/reward perspective: AMTD: Regained the uptrend line shortly after the breakdown & went on to exceed any reasonable stop. AMTD may be added back as a new short setups soon as the charts have come full circle & once again look ripe for a correction. CBOE:  This trade bounced, as expected, off of the S1 support level but continued moving higher, exceeding any reasonable stop. [...]

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CMG Short Entry Triggered. Live Chart Link Added

CMG Jan 23: Short entry triggered The CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill) short trade setup, which was posted yesterday afternoon, triggered a entry on a move below 506 today. I've also mocked up a live chart for the CMG short trade which can be viewed by clicking here (and will also be added to yesterday's trade setups post). FYI:  On the NFLX update sent out just before the open today; I had incorrectly stated my plan to set the stop on today's short entry above the post opening highs around 9am ET instead of 10am ET (30 minutes after the [...]

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CMG Short Setup

CMG daily Jan 22nd CMG will trigger a short entry on a break below the 506 level which is just below both the ascending channel as well as horizontal support.  Static daily chart shown.  Click here to view the live, annotated chart of CMG.

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