S&P 500 Sector Analysis (video)

Technical analysis of the 11 sectors within the S&P 500 Index which helps to provide clues as to the next direction in the broad market. The frequency of videos published lately has increased as the recent developments as well as the current technical posture of the US stock market is at one of the most critical levels in years. As the stock market is simply a sum of its parts, by closely monitoring the eleven sectors that comprise the S&P 500, we should be able to gain some early insight as to whether or not the stock market will break or [...]

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XLK & QQQ Price Targets

I often refer to QQQ as XLK with an Amazon kicker as QQQ is very top-heavy in the same handful of leading technology companies as XLK. A break below the 62.50 level is likely to bring XLK (Technology Sector ETF) down to the 61.20 level. Likewise, a break below 152 is likely to bring QQQ (Nasdaq 100 tracking ETF) down to the 149.26 level, about 2.5% below current levels as shown on these 60-minute charts. While the odds favor a reaction upon the initial tag of those near-term target levels if they are hit soon, my swing targets for QQQ [...]

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S&P 500 Sector Analysis (charts & video)

The S&P 500® is widely regarded as the best single gauge of large-cap U.S. equities. There is over USD 7.8 trillion benchmarked to the index, with index assets comprising approximately USD 2.2 trillion of this total. The index includes 500 leading companies and captures approximately 80% coverage of available market capitalization. (source: S&P Dow Jones Indices) As such, the S&P 500 is widely consider one of the most representative indexes of the U.S. stock market. In order to get a read on where the stock market is likely headed, I find it helpful to analyze each of the eleven sectors that [...]

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Updates for QQQ, SPY, TECS, XLK, SOXX & SOXL

Lots to cover today so I'm going to try to wrap up some of the more significant recent technical developments in this one update. Starting with the SPY & QQQ, both are experiencing impulsive selling so far today following the recent breakdown & back-test of this bearish rising wedge pattern which helps to validate the recent breakdowns as a significant technical events. My expectation at this time is for at least a ~50% retracement on both, price targets shown on these updated 30-minute charts below, which are preceded by the 2 previously posted 30-minute QQQ & SPY charts: I [...]