• SOXX - Jun 18 201820180618
  • NTNX - Jun 18 201820180618
  • INTC - Jun 18 201820180618
  • XLE - Jun 15 201820180615
  • XBI - Jun 11 201820180611
  • IWM - Jun 07 201820180607
  • NIB - Jun 05 201820180605
  • NFLX - May 31 201820180531
  • XOP - May 25 201820180525
  • DRIP - May 22 201820180522
  • SIRI - May 17 201820180517
  • NKTR - May 09 201820180509
  • DWT - May 09 201820180509
  • URGN - Apr 18 201820180418
  • OSTK - Apr 12 201820180412
  • LABD - Mar 29 201820180329
  • TWTR - Mar 28 201820180328
  • ENPH - Mar 28 201820180328
  • ITB - Feb 02 201820180202
  • BABA - Jan 09 201820180109

Completed Trades are trade ideas that have hit one or more of their price targets. Many trade ideas will list multiple targets as some traders might choose to hold some or all of the position for an additional target(s) after the initial target is hit. Therefore, many trade ideas on this site will often appear in both the “Active” and “Completed” categories simultaneously. Trades are removed from the Active Trades Category either upon hitting the final target or if stopped out before then. Once removed from the Active Trades category, these trades and all associated posts will be archived indefinitely in the Completed Trades category for future reference.

INTC Stopped Out for a 3% Loss

Cruel move on INTC dropping just enough to trigger what I thought was a well-placed entry, just far enough below the wedge to help minimize the change of a whipsaw signal. I would take that same setup 9 times out of 10 in just about any market enviroment or trend. In hindsight, or maybe not complete hindsight as I mentioned in the following trading room thread late yesterday, that the odds for a short on any semiconductor stocks would increase if/when SOXX (semiconductor sector ETF) were to make an impulsive breakdown below this 60-minute rising wedge pattern: (trading room link [...]

2018-06-01T11:18:17+00:00 Jun 1, 2018 11:18am|Categories: Completed Trades - Short|Tags: |2 Comments

IWM Stopped Out for 1% Loss, On Watch for Another Entry

IWM exceeded the suggested stop of 163.81 for a negligible loss of 1.0%. As the bearish case is still very much intact with this recent high simply an extension of the divergences that were already in place before the wedge breakdown, IWM is on watch for another short entry. Updated 60-minute chart: IWM 60-min May 31st

2018-05-31T11:43:53+00:00 May 31, 2018 11:43am|Categories: Completed Trades - Short, Equity Market Analysis|Tags: |0 Comments

NFLX Stop Hit for a 9% Loss After Reversing Off T1

After hitting the first target for a quick profit of 11.1% on March 13th, the NFLX (Netflix Inc) short trade reversed & clipped the maximum suggested stop of 353.56 today before falling back below that level so far. NFLX is on watch for another short entry & this trade will now be moved to the Completed Trades archives. Previous & updated charts related to this trade below: click first chart to expand, then click on right of each chart to advance to the next expanded images. Once expanded, charts can be panned & zoomed for additional detail

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