S&P 500 Sector Analysis (video)

Technical analysis of the 11 sectors within the S&P 500 Index which helps to provide clues as to the next direction in the broad market. The frequency of videos published lately has increased as the recent developments as well as the current technical posture of the US stock market is at one of the most [...]

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XLF Stopped Out After Hitting First Price Target

After hitting the first price target for a quick 3% profit just 2 trading sessions after the short entry, XLF began trading in a sideways range lasting for month. Prices recently broke out above the range on June 9th to exceed the suggested stop of any move above 24.25 with XLF just recently failing that [...]

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General Market Commentary for June 23rd

Broad Markets As I've already posted extensive analysis on the equity markets as well as various commodities, sectors & precious metals over the past week I figured that I'd keep it simple & share what I'm most focused on with the stock market at this time. At the risk of over-simplifying something that is quite [...]

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