Technical Analysis of the DJIA & all 30 Stocks

Technical analysis on DIA (Dow Jones Industrials ETF) and all 30 stocks within the DJIA to provide both trade ideas as well as key levels & developments to watch for. This video is longer than usual, with so many stocks covered on various time frames. Playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration.

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QQQ Minor Uptrend Line Revised

I have slightly revised this minor uptrend line that was highlighted in recent videos to exclude a few of the FOMC-induced whipsaws (shown below on a 30-minute chart). While the trend remains bullish for now, an impulsive break and/or a 30 or 60-minute close below will likely trigger a move down to at least T1 (the first of the yellow uptrend line or the 174.15ish level) & quite likely the T2 zone (170.80-169.70). QQQ 30-min June 14th Once again, this is only a potential scenario without any sell signals at this time. Watching for a potential (impulsive) break below [...]

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ETF Sector Trade Ideas (video)

This video provides a comprehensive look at the various sectors & assets classes that stand out as attractive trading & investing opportunities at this time, all via ETFs, as well as a brief discussion on the benefits of strategic & tactical asset allocation. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration

S&P 500 Index & Sectors Near-term Outlook (video)

This video is a follow-up to the video published earlier today providing the long-term outlook for the US stock market via weekly charts with a focus on the near-term outlook of the S&P 500 along with about a dozen of the top components via analysis of the daily charts. playback speed can be increased in the setting to reduce the duration of the video As with the video covering the long-term charts published earlier today, this one runs a bit longer than usual as there are a lot of significant developments & key technical levels worth highlighting on these market-leading stocks [...]

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