How to Successfully Navigate the Next Bear Market

This video begins with an overview of two long-term indicators that warn of a significant bear market in the foreseeable future followed by a discussion on not only how to survive, but how to prosper during the next major downtrend in equities. Going forward, the stock market is likely to continue to shift away from the buy & hold + indexing strategy that has worked unusually well in recent years towards a trading & investing environment that will likely be marked by increased sector & asset class rotation while security selection (i.e.- individual stock picking vs. index investing) & tactical asset [...]

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Semiconductor Sector Analysis: Let’s Keep It Simple

Most traders & investors are aware that the technology sector has by far & wide led the US stock market to the recent highs and that within the tech sector, the semiconductors have lead the way. The semiconductor sector also tends to act as the canary in the coal mine for the health of the tech sector for obvious reasons. For example, the semiconductor sector topped back on June 1, 2015 with both the technology sector (XLK) and the Nasdaq Composite continuing to rally for another 1.6 months until peaking in mid-July. That top was followed by the most largest drop [...]

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Divergences On Nasdaq Advance-Decline Line Largest Since 2000 Market Top

The magnitude of the divergences between the Nasdaq Composite & the Nasdaq Advancing vs. Declining Issues today is much more comparable to those leading up to the 2000 tech bubble market top & subsequent bear market than those leading up to the 2007 market top (compare the differential between both the magnitude & the slopes of both lines). During a healthy advance, such as that off the 2002 lows, the 2009 lows, late 2012-early 2014, etc.., the A/D line will rise along with major stock indices, indicating broad participation among the majority of the stocks within that index. Divergence between an [...]

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US Stock Market & Sector Analysis (video)

Detailed analysis of the US stock market including an overview of the sectors that make up the S&P 500 as well as the over-weighting of technology stocks in the Nasdaq 100. This video covers quite a bit, including detailed coverage on various major stock indices as well as all of the sectors within the S&P 500. As such, this video runs longer than usual. I plan to publish a follow-up video with detailed analysis on technology sector including some of the tech stocks that stand out as compelling trade ideas at this time, both longs & shorts. For those wishing to [...]

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US Stock Market Update & Misc. Comments

I spent the bulk of yesterday working on the back-end of the site & as of yesterday, all of the Long Trade ideas have been updated. The charts on all 4 trades currently listed under the Active Long Swing Trade category (ACBFF, WEAT, NIB & CCE) all still look constructive & all of those trades are profitable at this time. I hope to have all of the Short Trade Ideas updated by the end of the week. Gold members should also remember to check the various trade groups within the trading room (e.g.- Swing Trading, Growth & Income Investing, etc..) occasionally [...]

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Deterioration of Market Internals In U.S. Equities

Member @natdicarlo posted this inquiry within the trading room: Randy, seeing NYMO at very oversold levels and yet no significant pullback in markets. Big caps masking the carnage. Your thoughts would be appreciated on if this might postpone the bear case for now? That clearly seems to be the case (mega caps doing most of the heavy lifting right now), although I don’t see that as postponing a pullback rather more so an indication that one is most likely coming very soon. As the Nasdaq 100 has been the leading index throughout this entire bull market, gaining approximately 430% since it [...]

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Sunday Evening Comments

I sat down earlier tonight to put together a weekly outlook for the broad market but struggled to find anything new worth mentioning. The broad market (S&P 500) closed the week right around the mid-point of the 2.8 month trading range and with such tight, sideways price action, the price & momentum oscillators & indicators provide little, if any clues as to the next major trend in the market although longer-term charts continue to indicate that the next major trend in the US equity markets will be to the downside. The Nasdaq Composite ($COMPQ) & Nasdaq 100 ($NDX) have been doing [...]

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