Divergences On Nasdaq Advance-Decline Line Largest Since 2000 Market Top

The magnitude of the divergences between the Nasdaq Composite & the Nasdaq Advancing vs. Declining Issues today is much more comparable to those leading up to the 2000 tech bubble market top & subsequent bear market than those leading up to the 2007 market top (compare the differential between both the magnitude & the slopes [...]

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US Stock Market & Sector Analysis (video)

Detailed analysis of the US stock market including an overview of the sectors that make up the S&P 500 as well as the over-weighting of technology stocks in the Nasdaq 100. This video covers quite a bit, including detailed coverage on various major stock indices as well as all of the sectors within the S&P [...]

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Sunday Evening Comments

I sat down earlier tonight to put together a weekly outlook for the broad market but struggled to find anything new worth mentioning. The broad market (S&P 500) closed the week right around the mid-point of the 2.8 month trading range and with such tight, sideways price action, the price & momentum oscillators & indicators [...]

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