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Stock Market, Gold & Commodities Analysis 10-15-18

The following video provides technical analysis on various asset classes that stand out as compelling trade ideas at this time. Silver or Gold level access required.

Analysis of Equities, Gold, Commodities & Bonds

Technical & fundamental analysis of the US stock market via SPY & QQQ, followed by trading & investing ideas in gold, platinum, GDX, commodities & US Treasury bonds (TLT). In addition to highlighting several trade ideas that stand out at this time, the benefits of diversification & asset allocation are [...]

Midday Stock Market Analysis for 10-10-18

Midday stock market technical analysis via SPY, QQQ, /ES & /NQ highlighting some important recent developments & key support/resistance levels to watch. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration NOTE: Members of please check your email for temporary instructions for logging onto the site [...]

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Stock Market Analysis 10-9-18

Morning stock market update via SPY, QQQ, /ES & /NQ E-mini futures with the near-term outlook & key technical levels to watch for on the major stock indices along with analysis & potential trading opportunities on /CL (crude futures) & /NG (natural gas futures). playback speed can be increased in [...]

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