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SPY & QQQ Updates

A quick update on SPY & QQQ. After one of the largest 3-day declines so far this year, on both Thursday & Friday SPY found support on the minor uptrend line that was most recently highlighted in Thursday's video while QQQ fell to right where the previous 60-min chart scenario had projected from the last [...]

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Stock Market & Sector Analysis (video)

An overview of some of the recent significant technical developments in the major stock indices as well as a few sectors & individual stocks that stand out as attractive trading opportunities at this time. Also discussed are the pitfalls of becoming complacent after a period of unusually low volatility & benefits of being prepared at [...]

Trade Ideas & Market Developments to Watch for This Week

Potential trade ideas & developments to watch for this week in the stock market, select commodities, sectors, currencies. The video starts with coverage of the Euro, US Dollar & gold mining stocks, then stock market analysis via QQQ & SPY followed by some potential trade ideas on individual stocks & sector ETFs.