Apparel Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

I’m noticing quite a bit of bullish price action & technical developments in the apparel stores recently. This video provides technical analysis of the apparel sector as well as numerous apparel stores that appear to be setting up as attractive swing trading opportunities. Playback speed of the video can be increased by up to 2x by clicking on the settings icon at the bottom right of the video.

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Short Trades Updated

The following short trades will be moved to the Completed Trades (Short) category as they have either exceed the previous suggested stop (or any reasonable stop, if none suggested) or the technicals no longer warrant remaining short at this time. Several of the Active Short trades still look to offer objective entries or add-ons at this time with others trading right at or just above key support level, which may offer another objective entry or add-0n once those levels are taken out. I plan to highlight some of the more promising short trades soon in addition to adding some new trade [...]

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TJX Update, Second Price Target Hit

The TJX (TJX Companies) active short trade hit the second price target of 52.63 on Thursday for an 11.4% gain from entry. TJX is a good example of how most trades experience a reaction (i.e.- a counter-trend bounce and/or a temporary consolidation around that level) upon the initial tag of each target. As this updated daily chart highlights, TJX experienced a very sharp bounce immediate after the first price target was hit back on May 20th. Prices then fell back towards the T1 area for a few days before one additional sharp spike up towards the 56.85 level. From there, prices [...]

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TJX First Price Target Hit

The TJX (TJX Companies Inc) active short trade has hit the first profit target, T1 at 54.70, today. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or lowering stops, depending on your trading plan.  Click here to view the live chart of TJX TJX first target hit May 20th

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TJX Short Trade Update & New Live Chart

One of my goals for 2014 is to provide links to the live charts (at for all of the trade ideas on the site.  This is a time consuming task as it requires me to keep two sets of annotated charts on every trade idea (often on multiple time frames with different drawings & annotations).   The reason for this is that my primary charting platform, TC2000, is superior to in many aspects, particularly with the chart drawing & annotation features.  While certainly has some advantages over TC2000, it falls short when it comes to chart annotations with a [...]

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Shorting TJX

TJX (TJX Companies Inc) will be added as an Active Short Trade here around the 59.30 level following the recent breakdown below this 5 year uptrend line.  TJX made an intraweek breakdown of this trendline back in August but managed to print a weekly close back above the trendline.  A close below the trendline this week (end of day Friday) would greatly increase the odds of this trade playing out and may likely bring prices down to the 47 area in the coming months, for those looking to position for a long-term short trade.  Conventional swing targets are listed on the [...]

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Short Trades Updated

The following short trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category.  While none of these trades reached their final price target, many of these trades did hit one or more profits targets before bouncing & exceeded their previously suggested (or any reasonable) stop level(s).  As the charts on some of these trades still remain longer-term bearish, feel free contact me if you are following any of these trades & I will be glad to post or email and updated chart with comments.  There are a few Active Short Trades under review that may be removed soon as well but the [...]

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