Highlighted Trade Ideas for Oct 3, 2017

This video covers the near-term outlook for some potential swing trading opportunities at this time with analysis on various stocks, ETNs, commodities and futures contracts. Covered in the following order is the outlook for: The precious metals & mining sector via the charts of /GC (gold futures), EUR/USD (euro-US Dollar pair) & GDX; Crude oil [...]

Gold & EUR/USD Approaching Bounce Target Zones

Both gold futures (/GC) and the EUR/USD are now approaching the bottom of my bounce target zones. At this time, I'm still looking for a reversal within the bounce target zone after this counter-trend rally which is likely to be followed by a move down to the final target zone before a resumption of the primary [...]

Gold & Euro Poised for a Counter-Trend Rally

After kissing my first target today following the recent breakdown on the daily time frame (first chart below) EUR/USD now looks poised for a relatively minor bounce on a break above the 1.177ish level before a resumption of the downtrend, as the 60-minute chart (2nd below) indicates. Not coincidentally, gold futures look poised for [...]

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