MKTX first target modified

i have modified the first target on MKTX from a single line to a target zone, by adding an additional support line slightly above the original first target line.  trading is all about being flexible and adaptable and upon studying the chart this morning, i noticed several prior gaps and reactions at that level.  although the previously posted T2 remains quite a bit lower, i am now favoring T1 as the final target and as this trade is currently at a 9.7% gain from entry, i think it makes sense to take full profits here or at least tighten up your [...]

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MKTX update

here's the updated MKTX daily chart with targets. i just realized that the original daily chart did not list the targets, only the weekly target (for longer-term traders) was shown.  original daily chart first, updated second.

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MKTX set-up

i am posting MKTX as both a set-up and an active short (depending, of course, on an objective entry tomorrow since this post is after-hours).  this is another one of the investment brokerage stocks that i've warned about recently.  the sector continues to sell-off since my post on the sector last week and MKTX apparently seems unscathed so far.  however, a chink in the armor would be this recent multi-year uptrend-line breakdown and re-test, which offers an objective short entry at or near current levels. on the daily chart below, you'll see a small gap not far above the uptrend line [...]

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