Growth & Income Trades are longer-term swing trade or investment candidates expected to generate an above average dividend yield and capital appreciation. Similar to the Long-term Trade Ideas category, the expected holding period on the Growth & Income Trades is typically several months to a over a year or more.

KHC First Target Hit for 4.3% Gain

The KHC (Kraft-Heinz Co.) active Long Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade has hit the first target today for a gain of 4.3% followed by the typical reaction off of the initial tag of a price target/resistance level so far. T2 remains the final target for now. Previous & [...]

BGS Trade Setup

Member @carlyle inquired about the next support level for BGS (B&G Foods Inc) within the trading room. As this stock has the potential to be added as both an official swing trade as well as a Growth & Income Trade idea, with a forward dividend yield of 7.15%, I figured [...]

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