Growth & Income Trades are longer-term swing trade or investment candidates expected to generate an above average dividend yield and capital appreciation. Similar to the Long-term Trade Ideas category, the expected holding period on the Growth & Income Trades is typically several months to a over a year or more.

MO Growth & Income Trade Setup

Member @liftholic inquired about the outlook for MO (Altria Group) in the trading room. After reviewing the charts, I immediately noticed quite a bit of significant technical levels & developments worth noting so I figured that I'd share my thoughts on the front page as this high-yielding dividend stock is now on watch as a swing trade as well as a growth & income trade idea. MO weekly April 20th Let's start with the bigger picture by taking a look at the 10-year weekly chart above. Lots of moving parts & significant developments, all of which are noted on [...]

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GE First Price Target Hit for 13% Profit, T2 Close

The GE (General Electric Inc) Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade hit the first target yesterday for a 13.4% gain & has gapped up close to T2 today, increasing the odds that T2 will be hit soon unless the broad market moves sharply lower in the coming days, which looks increasing likely based on the recent trendline breaks on the major stock indexes. Previous & updated daily charts: I'm considering revising the final target for the swing trade to T2 & possible leaving the final target for the Growth & Income Trade as T3 but will post another [...]

CVS First Price Target Hit for 5% Profit

The CVS (CVS Health Corp) Active Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade idea hit T1 for a 4.8% profit on Monday & is has been consolidating around that level since. T2 remains the final swing target at this time with the possibility of an additional price target added soon although Growth & Income investors might opt to let the position ride with a trailing stop at this point. Previous & updated 60-minute charts:

IEF & TLT Treasury Bond ETF Updates

Member @heinz1 requested an update on the IEF official Growth & Income Trade as well as TLT, which was posted shortly after IEF as an official trade (due to the very similar holdings between those two ETFs). IEF (7-10 year Treasury Bond ETF) came within 29 cents or less than 3/10th's of 1% of the first target before reversing. The trade remains profitable & IEF has also paid out 33.4 cents in dividend payments since the trade entry on Feb 9th at 102.30, thereby reducing the basis on this trade to 101.966. My preferred scenario at this time has IEF making [...]

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BGS Trade Setup

Member @carlyle inquired about the next support level for BGS (B&G Foods Inc) within the trading room. As this stock has the potential to be added as both an official swing trade as well as a Growth & Income Trade idea, with a forward dividend yield of 7.15%, I figured that I would share my analysis on the front page for all members to see. Essentially, BGS doesn't have any support below. I say "essentially" because technically speaking, there is support from previous reactions & areas of price consolidation but you have to go back over 6 years and even then, [...]

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