Growth & Income Trades are longer-term swing trade or investment candidates expected to generate an above average dividend yield and capital appreciation. Similar to the Long-term Trade Ideas category, the expected holding period on the Growth & Income Trades is typically several months to a over a year or more.

KHC First Target Hit for 4.3% Gain

The KHC (Kraft-Heinz Co.) active Long Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade has hit the first target today for a gain of 4.3% followed by the typical reaction off of the initial tag of a price target/resistance level so far. T2 remains the final target for now. Previous & updated daily charts:

GE Second Price Target Hit for a 14% Gain

The GE (General Electric Co.) active long swing trade + growth & income trade has hit T2, 15.22, for a gain of 14.2% in less than 6 weeks from entry. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops if holding out for T3. Original & updated daily charts below.

GE Trade Update

The GE active Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade idea is closing in on the second price target. GE also fell just shy of T2 on April 20th, pulling back to the T1 (support) with the stock forming what appears to be the right shoulder of a potential Inverse Head & Shoulders bottoming pattern with the neckline of that pattern roughly inline with T2. The stock might have a reaction (minor pullback and/or brief period of consolidation) here soon around the neckline and 15.31 resistance level which T2 is strategically set just below. However, an impulsive breakout above [...]

SPG Trade Setup To Report Earnings Tomorrow

SPG (Simon Property Group) is still on watch as a potential long Swing Trade + Growth & Income trade idea. As the stock is scheduled to report quarterly earnings before market opens tomorrow, it would be prudent to wait until earnings are out of the way before establishing a position & risking a possible large earning/forward guidance-induced gap against the stock. SPG daily April 26th The first bullish event would come on a convincing break above 150.00 with additional bullish confirmation on a breakout above the downtrend line.  I have revised the potential price targets (shown here as the [...]

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MO Growth & Income Trade Setup

Member @liftholic inquired about the outlook for MO (Altria Group) in the trading room. After reviewing the charts, I immediately noticed quite a bit of significant technical levels & developments worth noting so I figured that I'd share my thoughts on the front page as this high-yielding dividend stock is now on watch as a swing trade as well as a growth & income trade idea. MO weekly April 20th Let's start with the bigger picture by taking a look at the 10-year weekly chart above. Lots of moving parts & significant developments, all of which are noted on [...]

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