Analysis of XLP & Consumer Staples Trade Ideas

Technical analysis of XLP as well as the first 10 of 25 individual stocks within XLP (Consumer Staples Sector ETF) that stand out as potential trade ideas. As a good part of this video was spent discussing various considerations & technical developments within the consumer staples sector & technical analysis in general, only 10 of the 25 stocks that stand out were covered with analysis on the remaining 15 stocks to follow in a separate video. The following ETF & stocks are covered in this order: XLP, WMT, PG, KO, PEP, PM, MO, COST, KHC, CVS & WBA playback speed can [...]

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Stock Market Analysis for Week Ending 5-25-18 (video)

Technical analysis on the US stock market as well as several market leading stocks to provide both the near-term & longer-term outlook including some potential developments to watch for next week. playback speed can be increased in the setting to reduce video duration

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XLP + Consumer Staples Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Technical Analysis of the Consumer Staples sector via XLP along with several of the top components that made offer objective swing trading opportunities. The video covers both the outlook for the Consumer Staples sector as well as the top components, many of which appear to be setting up as both long & short swing trading opportunities. As this video ran much longer than I had intended, I will follow up by posting charts on XLP and any of the stocks covered in this video that stand out as potential trading opps at this time asap. For those with the time or [...]

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XLP Consumer Staples Sector Breakdown

XLP (consumer staples ETF) had a very impulsive gap & breakdown today. Several key staples companies such a WMT, COST, WBA, CVS & to a lesser extent (weighting-wise but not percentage loss), KR mentioned in the trading room earlier all down big so far today. XLP daily June 16th At a weighting of 9.4%, XLP is one of the largest sectors in the S&P 500 & highlighted recently in the S&500 Sector Analysis update posted on Wednesday. I've since added a minor trendline (yellow) which could come into play here but even though a reaction is likely soon due [...]

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WMT First Price Target Hit, Booking Full Profits

WMT (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc) has hit T1, resulting in a total return (including the 0.49 dividend paid out on Monday) of 9.1% since the entry on Nov 4th. While Growth & Income investors might considering raising stops to hold out for additional gains, I have decided to book full profits & make this the official final target for this trade. WMT daily Jan 6th WMT was a Growth & Income Trade with the entry posted on Nov 4th, listing 3 potential price targets at the time. Based on both my near-term bearish bias for the broad market as well [...]

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WMT Growth & Income Trade Idea

WMT (Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) will be added as an Active Growth & Income Trade at the open today. Since WMT peaked back in January of this year, the stock has plunged 37% to a well-defined long-term support level while at rarely seen oversold levels which have historically preceded major uptrends in the stock.   With a current dividend yield of 3.42% and the potential for about 21% in capital appreciation, should the stock advance to the final target, T3 on the daily chart (somewhat above 70, the exact suggested sell limit levels will follow) and a suggested stop on [...]

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