TSLA Breakdown, Price Targets

TSLA (Tesla Inc.) has broken down below this uptrend line after recently putting in a divergent high (negative divergences). As there has been quite a bit of interest in the stock recently, including this chart & short entry (via put options) posted by @shambo just over a week ago, I figured that I would share my thoughts on the stock, including some price targets. The daily chart below outlines my  likely scenario for the stock with the first target/support level coming up soon around the 327.40ish level, where a reaction is likely if/when that level is reached. TSLA daily July [...]

Short Trade Ideas Updated

Last week I had updated the Long Trade Ideas by removing any trades that had either reached their final profit target or exceeded their maximum suggested stops. I am now turning my focus towards updating the Short Trade ideas by first removing the following trades that have either exceeded their suggested stops or no longer look compelling from a technical perspective. ALK- After hitting the second price target for a 17% profit on Feb 2nd, ALK immediately reversed and went on to exceeded the original suggested stop of a daily close above 80.00 on March 11th. For those still short or [...]

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TSLA Profit Target Hit for a 17.6% Gain

TSLA daily Jan 5th TSLA (Tesla Motors Inc) hit sole price target of 206.20 was hit for a 17.6% gain on Dec 9th. Although TSLA will likely hit at least the bottom of the target/support zone, this trade is now completed so consider booking full profits and/or lowering stops. This trade, just as with the previous short trade on TSLA which also hit the sole target for a 17%+ gain in late 2013, was based not only on a bearish chart pattern & trendline break but also used short interest data in order to help confirm that a near-term reversal [...]

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Shorting TSLA

TSLA daily Sept 23rd My notes & thoughts on TSLA virtually mirror the previous short trade on TSLA, just over a year ago today (which, fortunately, was the only other time I shorted this beast of a stock). TSLA was added as a short entry back then on Sept 13th, 2013 at 162.55 and went on to hit the top of the target zone for a 17.2% gain less than 2 months later and continued on to the bottom of the target zone for a 22% gain before reversing & continuing the bubble uptrend in the automaker. The basis [...]

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