FAAMG Stock Analysis & Update

As an update to last Thursday's QQQ & Leading FAAMG Stocks Analysis post, below are the previous & updated 60-minute charts (120-min on AAPL) in descending order of market cap, along with the near-term outlook for each of these market leading stocks.  The scenarios outlined below hinge largely on the preferred scenario outlined in the [...]

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QQQ & Leading FAAMG Stocks Analysis (static charts)

A follow-up to Tuesday's QQQ & FAAMG Stock Analysis video. All charts are 60-minute time frames except for AAPL (Apple Inc), which shows a 120-minute period chart in order to capture the entire, well-defined uptrend line generated off the November 14, 2016 lows. Charts posted in descending order by market cap. Click on first chart [...]

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