QQQ & FAAMG Stocks Technical Analysis (video)

This video provides technical analysis on QQQ as well as the market leading FAAMG stocks to provide the near-term & intermediate-term outlook for the Nasdaq 100 Index. Near-term price targets as well as key support levels & technical developments to watch for are included as well. playback speed can be increased in the settings (1.25x or 1.5x) to reduce the duration of the video

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Stock Market + FAAMG Analysis & Outlook (video)

Technical analysis of the US stock market via QQQ (Nasdaq 100 tracking ETF)  & SPY (SPY 500 ETF) providing both the near-term & intermediate-term outlook. The outlook for the market-leading FAAMG stocks is also covered. There are some significant technical developments, chart patterns & key levels to watch at this time as the market could be on the verge of another sharp correction. While this video runs longer than most market updates due to the additional coverage of the FAAMG stocks, including potential price targets, probably scenarios, etc., I believe it is worth watching due to the elevated potential for another [...]

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FL Breakout, MSFT Breakdown

I had two price alerts trigger right after the opening bell today. I was watching this beautiful bullish falling wedge pattern on FL (Foot Locker Inc) with price alert set on a break above the wedge (downtrend line). I was holding off since FL was scheduled to report earnings before the market open today & as I often the case, the stock experience a bullish gap in the direction indicated by the charts. FL is trading in "no-man's land" now, smack between support & resistance while in the middle of a huge gap so an entry at this point is not [...]

The Margin Of Error Has Diminished For AAPL & FB

Since the first 3 of the FAAMG stocks (AMZN, MSFT & GOOG) reported earnings after the market close last Thursday, those leading stocks (in green) have posted the following gains as of yesterday's close: FB: +5.40%  (reports after the market close today & currently indicated to gap up another 1% at the open today) AAPL: +7.8% (reports after the market close tomorrow) AMZN: +12.8% MSFT: +4.9% GOOG: +4.5% Essentially, both FB & AAPL have rallied inline with the other FAAMGs as if they also already reported & handsomely beat expectations yet they are on deck to report this week. The question [...]

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And Now We Wait: FAAMGs Earnings On Deck

Today will most likely see the markets trade in somewhat of a holding pattern as investors & traders alike await a slew of earnings reports from several market moving stocks. Three of the five FAAMG stocks; AMZN (Amzon), MSFT (Microsoft) & GOOG/GOOGL (Alphabet) will report earnings & provide forward guidance after the close of trading today along with two other top 10, over-weighted components of the Nasdaq 100; INTC (Intel) & AMGN (AMGN), the 12th largest component & a major player in the biotech sector, AMGN (Amgen). There's not much to add that wasn't covered yesterday: Both SPY & QQQ fell [...]

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FAAMG Stock Analysis (video)

This video highlights some significant technical developments & key levels to watch in the market leading FAAMG stocks; FB, AAPL, AMZN, MSFT & GOOG/GOOGL. Collectively, these companies account for a 42.43% weighting in the Nasdaq 100 Index, just 5 companies accounting for nearly half of the returns of a 100+ stock index. In summary, the near-term outlook for all 5 FAAMG stocks at this time, based on the 60-minute charts, is clearly bearish. However, with 3 of the 5 FAAMG stocks scheduled to report their quarterly earnings next Thursday after the market closes & the other two reporting just a few [...]

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