Recently closed short trades

In reviewing the Active Short Trades category, the following trades will be removed: FCH- Exceeded the 5.50 suggested stop level shortly after it was suggested in the last video update on Jan 23rd.  For anyone still in this trade, I think that the odds are still good for at least T1 to be hit soon but I'm trying to move out some of the less attractive trades ideas on the site to make room for some new trade ideas so FCH will be moved to the Completed Trades Category. GMCR- Stopped out as per the suggested criteria back on Jan 2nd. [...]

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MCD short update

the MCD short is only down about 2 1/2% from entry and still looks fine.  in the last post, i had suggested a possible stop level on a move above the recent reaction high of 93.32 (stop 1).  although that's still a decent stop level for those preferring relatively tight stops, i have also added a 2nd objective stop level (stop 2) which would be just above the 94.90 level.  this stop would still offer a good R/R profile for traders targeting one of the lower price targets (T3 or T4) which are shown on the previous 2-day chart.  remember, a [...]

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active short trades update

here some updates to the active short trades.  any active shorts not listed here still look fine technically but feel free to email me if you have any specific questions on a trade. [...]

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MCD short

MCD looks like an objective short here (or after the FOMC announcement, depending on what desperate actions bernanke & co. do or don't take to keep juicing the market high).  most notes on these charts but also notice how that channel breakdown on the 2-day period chart coincided perfectly with the recent death cross (50ema crossing below 200ema on the daily chart, which is the same as the 100 & 25 ema's on this 2-day period chart).  looks to me that MCD set up in a bear-flaggish pattern shortly after the channel breakdown and could be poised for another leg down [...]

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