Recently closed short trades

In reviewing the Active Short Trades category, the following trades will be removed: FCH- Exceeded the 5.50 suggested stop level shortly after it was suggested in the last video update on Jan 23rd.  For anyone still in this trade, I think that the odds are still good for at least T1 to be hit soon [...]

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MCD short update

the MCD short is only down about 2 1/2% from entry and still looks fine.  in the last post, i had suggested a possible stop level on a move above the recent reaction high of 93.32 (stop 1).  although that's still a decent stop level for those preferring relatively tight stops, i have also added [...]

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MCD short

MCD looks like an objective short here (or after the FOMC announcement, depending on what desperate actions bernanke & co. do or don't take to keep juicing the market high).  most notes on these charts but also notice how that channel breakdown on the 2-day period chart coincided perfectly with the recent death cross (50ema [...]

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