Swing Trade Ideas & Setups (video)

This video begins with an update on the Nasdaq 100 index & the potential stop-raid scenario highlighted earlier today followed by coverage of several trade ideas that stand out in the following order (starting at the 7:49 mark): Crude oil, lumber futures & the timber/forestry sector, Bitcoin via futures & GBTC, the US Dollar via futures & the EUR/USD pair along with a quick discussion of gold & GDX. Starting at the 25:24 mark, all active trade ideas on RSOTC followed by two unoffficial trades are covered in this order: Long Trades: XLP (stoppped out on Friday but still looks good), [...]

Analysis on the Stock Market, Precious Metals, Oil + Several Trade Ideas (video)

Technical analysis covering the stock market via QQQ as well as gold, silver, platinum, the US Dollar, Crude Oil & several individual stocks that stand out as potential trading opportunities that stand out at this time. The video begins with coverage of the Nasdaq 100 via QQQ & NQ Emini futures, followed by the outlook for the US Dollar (via EUR/USD), gold, silver, platinum & GDX, then crude oil via USO, OIL & /CL (crude futures) & wraps up with several potential trade ideas including /GXBT (Bitcoin futures), GBTC, OSTK, RIOT, CARA, TNDM & XENE. *playback speed can be increased in [...]

Swing Trade Ideas for March 7, 2018 (video)

Technical analysis on some of the swing trading ideas that stand out at this time including both official & unofficial trades on Right Side Of The Chart. The following trade ideas are (roughly) covered in this order: SPY, SOXX, UGAZ, XENE, RKDA, TNDM, RDUS, AOBC, MJ & cannabis stocks (update, not a trade idea at this time), IEF, TLT, XLE, ENDP, OMI, PTX, M & OREX. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

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Trade Ideas for March 5, 2018 (video)

As we've had a lot of official trade ideas closed out over the past month or so, my focus this week will be on finding new trade setups. This video covers a handful of fairly aggressive trade ideas with the potential for above average gains. Covered in this order are the following companies: XENE, RKDA, TNDM, RDUS & AOBC. All are unofficial trade ideas at this time although objective buy points, price targets & other key technical levels & developments to watch for are discussed. playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

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Long Trade Ideas Updated

Slow day in the market as I suspected as the market is in a holding pattern with the first two of the 5 market leading FAAMG stocks scheduled to report after the market close today (FB & MSFT). The fireworks could start after the closing bell today & continue throughout the rest of this week as the other FAAMG stocks & over 1/5 of the S&P 500 components finish reporting, with volatility likely to continue into next week &  beyond. As I'm not trading today I've taken the time to update the Long Trade Ideas on the site. All of the [...]

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TNDM Swing Trade Idea

TNDM (Tandem Diabetes Care Inc.) offers an objective long entry on this breakout above the 3.43 resistance level & will be added as both an Active Long Swing Trade as well as a Long-term Trade idea around current levels. The price targets are T1 at 4.47 & T2 at 5.42 with the potential for a third target around the 9.00 area, depending how the charts develop going forward. The suggested stop is a daily close (one can also use the 3:59pm ET price) below 2.90* with a suggested beta-adjusted position size of 0.60. The optimal entry is anywhere as low as [...]

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