long LOW

just went long LOW at 26.50 for a potential pre-market over-reaction bounce (see post below regarding covering the short).  will set stops (TBD) once the market opens and determine my target once i see how the stock starts trading in the regular session.  target is just below T1 (27.50)  speculative trade but it seems like [...]

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LOW T1 exceeded in pre-market

fyi-  i just covered my LOW short in pre-market.  LOW is nearly a point below the final target after reporting earning and as gives us a nearly 13% gain on the trade, i cancelled my standing buy-to-cover limit order that was just above the target and replaced it with a pre-market order to cover at [...]

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LOW update

here's the updated daily chart of the LOW active short trade (first chart is the screen-shot from last monday's trade ideas video).  LOW looks poised to go LOW-er to T1 now that the minor support level that i mentioned in the video has been taken out.  i may add some additional targets to this trade [...]

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monday morning notes

i'll try to make some static charts for the trade ideas that i covered in the video posted last night but i can't promise when i'll be able to get them all posted.  i'm lobbying my dr.'s office to call in a tamiflu script which will hopefully keep me in the game this week because [...]

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Trade Ideas Video

For optimal viewing, choose the "Watch on YouTube" option, then choose the HD quality and Large player settings the bottom right of the video window. MAY 30th UPDATE:  PLEASE NOTE THAT SEVERAL OF THE TRADES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS VIDEO HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED AND ARE NOT LONGER ACTIVE TRADES.  THEREFORE, IF YOU CAME HERE VIA [...]

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