Commodity ETN Analysis (video)

This is the 5th & final video for today covering the sectors & commodities that look to either be setting up or currently offering objective trading opportunities. This video starts out with a quick look at the charts of natural gas & gasoline followed by updates on the various agricultural commodities that have recently been [...]

Agricultural Commodities Looking Bullish

As mentioned in this morning's market update, various agricultural commodities appear to have some of the most attractive R/R profiles right now, especially for long-side trades. The charts seem to indicate that many of these ag commodities appear to be setting up for attractive swing trades with rallies that could last several months & even [...]

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WEAT & NIB Trades + Ag Commodity Tracking ETN Comments

A couple of points to address on the agricultural commodities. Regarding the recent official trades in the ag commodity sector, both NIB & WEAT have exceeded their max. suggested stops & will be moved to the Completed Trades categories. WEAT (Wheat ETN) was recent added back as an new long swing trade after the previous [...]