Homebuilders & Timber Trade Setups & Analysis (video)

This video starts out highlighting the very tight correlation between homebuilding stocks & timber prices followed by analysis on the homebuilder ETFs (XHB & ITB) and several individual homebuilder stocks that appear to be setting up as promising swing trades. Several of the setups in this video will be added as official trade ideas setups [...]

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Short Trades Removed

In updating the trade ideas today, the following stocks will be removed from the Active Trades category to the Completed Trades category in order to focus on the most attractive opportunities at this time.  Many of these trades have already hit a profit target or remain profitable at this time while a few are slightly [...]

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LEN Short Update

I was just asked about the LEN short and in glancing the previous notes/charts, it doesn't appear that I made any stop suggestions.  If you've already stopped out, which you should have if only targeting one of the lower targets, then great.  You can always re-enter for a swing short trade if & when we [...]

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LEN short trade update

LEN looks like an objective new entry or add-on to an existing short position here as it backtests the recently broken bearish rising wedge pattern.  Updated daily & weekly charts:

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