Shipping Sector Trade Ideas (video)

Member @drummonddrive pointed out some recent movement in some of the shipping stocks. As many of the stocks within the shipping sector have the potential for explosive gains if/when the momentum traders begin to engage the sector, I've covered some of my favorite setups in the sector at this time along with buy triggers & price targets. The following stocks are covered (although not in this order): KEX, SFL, TGP, GLOG, GMLP, GOGL, TOO, SSW, FRO, STNG, SALT, DHT, EGLE, TNK, TNP, NMM, NAT & SEA. playback speed can be increased to reduce video duration 

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Shipping Stock Trade Setups, part II

After publishing yesterday's Shipping Sector & Trade Ideas video , in which I covered some of the more aggressive, low-priced small, micro & nano-cap trade ideas that have the potential for explosive rallies as well as "implosive" losses, I dug into the charts a little deeper, adding many of the larger, more (relatively) stable shipping stocks to my watch-list. Additionally, I did some analysis on the shipping sector by comparing the price history of the Guggenheim Shipping etf, SEA, with that of the Baltic Dry Shipping index ($BDI) as well as the HARPEX shipping index. I had meant to cover those [...]

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Long Trade Ideas Removed

The following Long Trade Ideas will be removed from the Active Trades category (as well as the Long-Term Trades category in the case of NIHD, PEIX, & SKUL which were assigned to both categories).  The majority of these trades have already hit at least one or more profit target and although they may still have some additional upside potential, I no longer believe that risk to reward is very favorable at this point.  For those currently long any of these positions, consider raising or trailing stops commensurate with your trading style. JOUT, NIHD, PEIX, SKUL, TNP, & TLT* *TLT was recently [...]

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TNP Long Entry & Setup

TNP will be added as both a long entry and setup.  An aggressive trader could opt to take a partial or full position now as TNP has broken above this 6 year downtrend line as well as the 60 week ema, which has also acted as resistance throughout that downtrend.  However, as this trade is based off the weekly chart, a more conventional trader might prefer to see a weekly close above both those levels.  As the 60 week ema comes in at 4.82 now, a close at or above 4.85 today (or any week) should be sufficient confirmation of a [...]

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