Short Swing Trade Ideas (video)

This video provides analysis of the gaming sector via BJK, VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF and the airline sector via $XAL (Amex Airline Index) as well as some of the individual stocks within those sectors that appear to be setting up as promising short-side swing trading opportunities as well as a few potential long-side trading opps. Long trade ideas will follow in a separate video.

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Airline Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

The outlook for the airline sector, $XAL, as well as the individual stocks within that index, many of which appear to be offering very objective trade setups with above average gain potential. Note: If you click the settings icon (cog/gear icon), you have the option to increase the playback speed of the video (1.25x, 1.5x or 2x playback speed), effectively shortening the duration of the video.

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Short Trades Removed

The following short trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category.  Some of these trades were profitable, hitting a price target before bouncing while others were stopped out for a loss.  In in effort to streamline the number of Active Trades on the site, I plan to continue removing any trades that no longer offer a clearly favorable risk-to-reward (R/R) profile throughout the week.  As of now, all remaining Active Short Trades have been reviewed and still look bearish at this time although several are approaching their suggested stop criteria or may be removed should price continue much higher. MDCO- [...]

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UAL Short Trade Price Target

The price target (28.70) has been added to the UAL short trade which recently triggered an entry on the breakdown of the previously posted rising wedge pattern.  Assuming one's entry price was around the breakdown level of 32.80, a stop above the 35.00 area would be objective.  Updated daily chart:

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Airline Sector Overview

For those looking for some short-side trade candidates, including hedges to a portfolio of longs, the Airline Sector continues to offer some of the most attractive technical setups at this time.  This first string of charts below are the daily and weekly charts of several key airline sectors with clear annotations as to my take on these charts: The charts below are all daily time frame charts of some of my favorite setups in the airline sector, including the updated chart of the ALK current active short trade, which looks poised to offer a new objective entry and/or add-on to [...]

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