Casino Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

This video begins with analysis on the casino & resort sector along with the VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF. This sector, as well as the majority of individual stocks within, appears to be setting up as attractive swing & potential trend trade candidates with above average gain potential. As about two dozen individual stocks that stand out as compelling trading opportunities are covered, most listing objective entry levels & price targets. Those preferring the relative safety of trading ETFs vs. individual stock might opt to just watch the first 15 minutes in which BJK & the sector are covered. Those interested in [...]

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FLL final target hit

well, that was fast.  i commented that the chart (and T2) still looked good but wasn't expecting it to get hit so soon.  all the better, congrats to those that caught it.  longer term investors that plan to hold should at least consider tightening up stops.  T2 was my final target so i will be moving FLL to the completed trades category now.

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FLL 1st target hit

T1 has now been hit on the FLL long.  consider taking full or partial profits and/or moving up stops to protect profits if holding out for T2.  chart still looks constructive so this will be categorized as both a completed (T1 hit) and active (T2 still likely) trade.

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FLL update

just a heads up for anyone who took the FLL breakout:  the stock is up over 10% on a nice move today which puts it close to T1 (so far, up about 15% from the break-out to today's highs).  consider raising stops to protect profits and placing a sell limit order at or just below T1 or T2, depending on where you plan to take profits.  original and updated charts:  

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FLL breaking out

FLL long set-up, also posted on friday is breaking above the downtrend line and although i did take the EXC breakout for a daytrade/hedge to my existing shorts,  i'm just watching FLL for the time being. not as crazy about that pattern or the low volume on this one.  could possibly jump in for a quick trade later though, if i see some strong volume coming into it.  will update chart later.

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NGPC, FLL, OFC, SRZ long set-ups

similar patterns on NGPC, FLL, OFC, and SRZ although SRZ may just be starting to break-out here.  as always, break-out on above average volume are preferable as low-volume break-outs are often prone to fail.

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