ALK & USO Analysis

There has been some recent interest in ALK (Alaska Air Group Inc.) as well as crude oil within the trading room so I figured that I'd share my analysis on both here, as fuel prices are the second largest expense (behind labor) for airlines. The first chart below is a daily chart of ALK overlaid with USO in white. In order to mitigate the impact of rising oil prices on their bottom line, airlines will attempt to hedge against rising oil prices & (ideally) remove hedges when they expect fuel prices to fall. It appears that ALK started to get their [...]

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Short Swing Trade Ideas (video)

This video provides analysis of the gaming sector via BJK, VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF and the airline sector via $XAL (Amex Airline Index) as well as some of the individual stocks within those sectors that appear to be setting up as promising short-side swing trading opportunities as well as a few potential long-side trading opps. Long trade ideas will follow in a separate video.

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Airline Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

The outlook for the airline sector, $XAL, as well as the individual stocks within that index, many of which appear to be offering very objective trade setups with above average gain potential. Note: If you click the settings icon (cog/gear icon), you have the option to increase the playback speed of the video (1.25x, 1.5x or 2x playback speed), effectively shortening the duration of the video.

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ALK Likely To Break Key Support, Poised for a 17% Drop

Member @sportofkings had asked for an update on ALK (Alaska Air Group) which was a short trade that hit T2 for a 17% profit before immediately reversing & exceeding the suggested stop. While ALK is no longer an Active Short Trade, sportofkings still has long-term puts which I think have a very good shot of paying off handsomely. Now that I revisit the chart, I am considering adding ALK back as an official short trade idea but in case I don't get around to it, I wanted to share the charts for those that might be interested in taking [...]

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Short Trade Ideas Updated

Last week I had updated the Long Trade Ideas by removing any trades that had either reached their final profit target or exceeded their maximum suggested stops. I am now turning my focus towards updating the Short Trade ideas by first removing the following trades that have either exceeded their suggested stops or no longer look compelling from a technical perspective. ALK- After hitting the second price target for a 17% profit on Feb 2nd, ALK immediately reversed and went on to exceeded the original suggested stop of a daily close above 80.00 on March 11th. For those still short or [...]

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ALK Short Trade Update & New Objective Entry

ALK (Alaska Air Group Inc) was added as a Short Trade Setup back in early January, going on to trigger a short entry & then hitting the second profit target about a month later for a 17% gain. As noted both before & after T2 was hit, a "significant reaction" was expected off that level & that is exactly what occurred. ALK has now come full circle by backtesting the the Ascending Broadening Wedge pattern that was the trigger for the short entry in early January. As such, ALK offers an objective add-on, new short entry or re-entry for those who [...]

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ALK Second Price Target Hit for 17% Profit

In updating the trade ideas today, I just noticed that I had not posted any updates on the ALK Active Short Trade since the first price target was hit on January 11th. At that time, I had stated that "T1 (had been) hit for a quick 4.5% gain in less than 2 full trading sessions. While a reaction is likely off the 67.60ish minor support level (dotted line), my expectation is for a continued move to T2 before any significant reaction." Fast forward to Feb 8th, less than one month later, and T2 (61.80), the second price target was [...]

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