P&C Insurance Sector Trade Ideas (video)

This video provides both an update to the 15 trade ideas that were recently highlighted within the Property & Casualty Insurance sector as well as several of those stocks which current appear to offer very objective short entries with attractive R/R ratios. The following stocks are covered in this order: TRV, ALL, PGR, L, CNA, [...]

Insurance Sector Trade Ideas & Analysis II (video)

A follow up video to the Insurance Sector Trade Ideas & Analysis video published last week which highlighted some of the more attractive swing trading candidates in the Property & Casualty as well as well as the Reinsurance Industry. This video highlights which trade ideas still have more profit potential & those which are approaching [...]

Insurance Sector Overview (video)

This video covers the 10 largest components of the KIE (SPDRs KBW Insurance Index ETF) by market capitalization (not the actually top ten components of the ETF, which uses a different methodology other than a pure market cap weighting). My reason for selecting the 10 largest components of the KBW Insurance sector was to make [...]

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