XLE & Energy Sector Analysis

Here's a look at XLE (SPDRs Select Sector Energy ETF) along with a handful of the top components. XLE is aproaching the 71.20ish resistance level with substantial negative divergences building between price & the momentum indicators below. It appears that the upside in XLE is limited at this point before a correction sets in unless the energy stocks can manage to burn through these divergences in the coming weeks & months. We don't have any sell signals at this time & with the momentum still to the upside, it is still too early to short the sector although it would be [...]

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Crude Oil & Energy Sector Outlook (video)

This video provides a comprehensive overview of crude oil, the energy sector (via XLE) and over a dozen of the top components of XLE. Numerous trade ideas, including objective entry points & price targets on USO, XLE and some of the most attractive trade setups on individual energy stocks are covered. The video begins with the outlook for crude oil & USO (crude ETF), followed by coverage of XLE & over a dozen of its top components.

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US Stock Market Sector Analysis (video)

This video lays out the case for a broad-based correction in the US stock market reviewing the charts of the following sector ETFs in this order: XOP (futher expanded on with a discussion of the follow top components: XOM, CVX, COP, OXY, PSX) followed by GDX, XBI, XLY, XLF, XLP, XLU, XLI, XTL, XLK, XLB, XLV & XLE.

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CVX Final Target Hit, Bear Market Likely Over

CVX (Chevron Corp.) has now hit my final downside target that was posted here a just over a year and a half ago.  In that post back in January of 2014, I stated that "the case has been made that the current cyclical bull market in CVX, which began with the Oct 2008 bottom in the stock, is approaching its final stages and that the next bear market in the mega-cap energy company will likely come on a break & close below this latest bearish rising wedge pattern (on the monthly chart).  My ultimate downside target remains the 24-year old secular [...]

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CVX Bear Flag Breakdown, More Downside In ERX, XLE

One of the questions that I get from time to time is the methodology that I employ in determining my price targets. Although a more detailed explanation can be found in the new Q & A section (located on the main menu bar), here's a real-time example of a price target calculation for CVX. Shortly after the ERX/XLE short entry last week, I posted these two 60-minute charts of CVX, which is the second largest component of the energy sector right behind XOM. The first chart below, posted on Thursday, showed what appeared (and proved to be) an imminent breakdown below [...]

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