Analysis of XLP & Consumer Staples Trade Ideas

Technical analysis of XLP as well as the first 10 of 25 individual stocks within XLP (Consumer Staples Sector ETF) that stand out as potential trade ideas. As a good part of this video was spent discussing various considerations & technical developments within the consumer staples sector & technical analysis in general, only 10 of the 25 stocks that stand out were covered with analysis on the remaining 15 stocks to follow in a separate video. The following ETF & stocks are covered in this order: XLP, WMT, PG, KO, PEP, PM, MO, COST, KHC, CVS & WBA playback speed can [...]

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XLP + Consumer Staples Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Technical Analysis of the Consumer Staples sector via XLP along with several of the top components that made offer objective swing trading opportunities. The video covers both the outlook for the Consumer Staples sector as well as the top components, many of which appear to be setting up as both long & short swing trading opportunities. As this video ran much longer than I had intended, I will follow up by posting charts on XLP and any of the stocks covered in this video that stand out as potential trading opps at this time asap. For those with the time or [...]

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Short Trades Removed

In updating the trade ideas today, the following stocks will be removed from the Active Trades category to the Completed Trades category in order to focus on the most attractive opportunities at this time.  Many of these trades have already hit a profit target or remain profitable at this time while a few are slightly underwater at this time. HOV- Although this trade is still profitable and may very well continue lower to hit one or both of its price targets, HOV has been locked in a frustrating trading range ever since the entry earlier this year.  In order to focus [...]

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KO Short Trade Update, Target Revised

KO was posted as a short setup on May 20th and triggered an entry the following day on the break below the ascending channel on the daily chart.  Although my first and preferred target at this time remains 36.00, I have modified T2 from 32.40 to 33.40.  I also wanted to point out that the 40-week ema (same as the 200-day ema) has acted as decent support and resistance on the stock over the last decade and as prices are now approaching that level from above, shorter-term traders might choose to book partial or even full profits just above that level.  [...]

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KO Short Setup, Long Hedge Idea

KO is one of the largest components of the S&P 500 and looks to be a relatively low-risk short and/or a nice candidate to provide some hedging exposure against a net long portfolio.  As a mega-cap company in a stable industry, KO has is a relatively low-risk, low volatility trade whether long or short.  Like all shorts right now, it is a counter-trend trade but as I combed through the charts over the weekend, I noticed that a fair number of the more bearish charts that I came across were in my top 25 $SPX holdings watch list (several others, such [...]

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$SPX video analysis

I've put together a comprehensive video analysis of the S&P 500 index including technical overviews on 22 of the largest components of the sector, similar to my recent $NDX/QQQ top 10 holdings video.  I do have to warn you that at 39 minutes, this is my longest video yet.  Therefore, this is my gift for you insomniacs, masochists and those who are gluttons for punishment.  All kidding aside though, if you don't want to sit through the entire video you can skip to the sections that you might be interested in.  The video starts with an overview of the $SPX beginning [...]

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S&P 500 top holdings

here are some of the largest components of the $SPX (S&P 500 index) as viewed on various longer-term time frames.  while some of the top 25 holdings that i track look bullish and some charts are neutral or indeterminable, i do believe that the majority of these stocks look bearish on the longer-term time frames.  even if that analysis proves to be correct, these things can take some time to play out as the stock market, just like the economy with my recent super-tanker analogy.  anyway, here are a few of the top holdings for the $SPX (btw- AAPL isn't just [...]

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