Aerospace & Defense Sector Analysis (video)

Technical analysis providing the outlook as well as key support and resistance levels for the aerospace & defense sector via the ETFs: ITA, XAR & PPA, as well as the leading stocks within the sector: BA, UTX, LMT, GD, RTN & NOC. ?playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video

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Outlook for NFLX, BA & GIS

Member @ruben made a request for the charts of NFLX, BA & GIS within the trading room. As each of these look like potential trading opportunities (the former 2 as shorts & the latter as a long trade), I figured that I would post the charts here on the front page for any members that might be interested in any of these stocks. As I have been finding it increasingly difficult to identify attractive long-side trade ideas, particular with individuals stocks, I'll start with GIS (General Mills Inc). GIS may likely continue down to around the 54.30ish support level before bottoming, [...]

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BA & ITA (Defense Sector) Still Looking Bearish

Member @Ruben requested a chart update on BA (Boeing Co.). BA is one of the top components of ITA which is the the IShares Dow Jones US Aerospace & Defense Index Fund ETF. In the March 3rd post titled Are The Defense Stocks A Buy?, the bearish case for the defense sector, including my scenario for ITA was made including the first chart below. The second chart is the updated chart of ITA illustrating how the aerospace & defensive sector has pretty much followed that projected path, going on to first break below the yellow minor uptrend line (triggering a [...]

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Are Defense Stocks A Buy?

Question posted in the trading room last night which I figured that I'd respond to on the front page for all to see: Randy when you get the chance some day, can you take a look at the US defense sector please (including stocks like LMT, GD, HON, BA, etc)? I am thinking this sector may be a good buy at some point if we can ever get a decent market correction, given how Trump and both parties seem to want to increase defense spending. Thanks Actually, I just looked at them after watching the 7 minute condensed version of Trump's [...]

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