Short Trades Updated

The following short trades will be moved to the Completed Trades (Short) category as they have either exceed the previous suggested stop (or any reasonable stop, if none suggested) or the technicals no longer warrant remaining short at this time. Several of the Active Short trades still look to offer objective entries or add-ons at this time with others trading right at or just above key support level, which may offer another objective entry or add-0n once those levels are taken out. I plan to highlight some of the more promising short trades soon in addition to adding some new trade [...]

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LNKD 3rd Profit Target Hit

The LNKD (LinkedIn Corp) short trade has hit the third profit target, T3 at 166.30, for a 26.5% gain from entry. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or lowering your stops, depending on your trading plan. T4 at 127.20 remains the final target at this time although the odds of a near-term reaction (bounce or consolidation) around the T3 level are elevated at this time. Previous & updated daily charts below:

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LNKD Short Setup Entry Criteria & Target Levels Revised

The short entry for the LNKD short setup has been revised to the next intraday break below the current LOD of 226.25.  As two additional price targets have been added, the target numbers have been resequenced.  On the previous LNKD (LinkedIn) short setup posted earlier this month, the entry criteria was posted a break below the gap support which is now labeled as T1 (first target).  My thought process here (besides the insanely over-valuation on the stock) is as follows: LNKD gapped down at the open and continued to move lower following last night's earning release.  The selling continued until just [...]

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LNKD Short Setup

LNKD was last posted as an objective short entry back on June 12th while just below an area of intersecting trendline resistance (with the caveat that prices must remain below that level).  Unfortunately LNKD went on to break out above the downtrend line (a bullish technical event) shortly thereafter with prices moving higher although within a larger contracting channel with divergences building on the MACD & RSI.  After several weeks of tapping against the top of the pattern, prices rolled over and have recently moved down sharply to hammer (so far today) off the bottom of the pattern (orange uptrend line).  [...]

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LNKD Still Offering An Objective Short Entry

LNKD is so far (knock on wood) obeying the laws of technical analysis by turning down on the backtest of the uptrend line while simultaneously riding down the downtrend line and still offers an objective short-entry or add-on as long as prices remain below those resistance levels.  Just to reiterate, this is a fairly aggressive short trade with a suggested beta adjustment of 0.70. What that means is that A) one should pass on this trade if it does not fit their trading style or risk tolerance and B) Those that are experienced and comfortable with the inherent risks of such [...]

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